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Eating And Drinking In Cavour Of Rome

You never leave Cavour without a stop in one local bistort of this chic Rome neighborhood.

I’ve been talking about Cavour since last week, mainly about its shops and things to do in the area. However, when I was brainstorming and putting the words together, I found the section of Food & Drink was much bigger than I can manage in only one post. So, this week I’m back with this specific one dedicated to Cavour’s gourmet experiences.

the cozy and casual bistro civico 4 in cavour with a wall of fine wines

Where to settle our addition to caffeine and alcohol in Cavour?

When talking about Food & Drink, Italians’ typical way of drinking coffee and alcohol, comes to my mind first!

The 1-minute “short film” of the Italians run in for a small tazzina of Italian espresso and run out, is happening every single morning in every corner of Rome.

A group of Italians in their working uniforms, standing outside a bar, smoking, and drinking that typical orange-color Spritz, during sunset hours, is the most common scene before the nights start.

Interestingly, those most important daily activities take place in the same type of place and the Italians call it “bar”.

I think it would be pretty natural that we start from bars in Cavour?

Bar Monti

Bar Monti is between simple and classical. They’ve got a lovely terrace where even in the cold rainy winter days, people stay outside! However, they have a huge lounge decorated with the most classic style I’ve never seen in this area. Brownish leather sofa, vintage style lamp and many portrait canvas on the walls, can I imagine a glass of cosmopolitan with maybe a cigar on the table?

Er Caffettiere

Er Caffettiere is an ideal place for breakfast and quick afternoon coffee run – all standing. They’ve got a good selection of coffee beans for their coffee, which is famous in the area. To-go is also possible from their little window on the side. Aperitivo is another reason I love this place. Fair price and a friendly vibe.

Ciuri Ciuri

Ciuri Ciuri is a bar with Sicilian food on top of general Italian pastries. If you want a different breakfast in Rome, grab a cannolo there. Be caution, the cannolo is huge! They’ve got nice outdoor space on the side where is perfect for people-watching and wine-drinking.

La Licata

La Licata is bigger than a normal traditional Italian bar with a POP/hippy vibe. They make Crema di Caffe in a fancy martini glass in summer, and you will see people drinking beer more than wine during Aperitivo hours there.
a yummy croissant with pistacchio cream as breakfast in magasin cafe in cavour


Magasin is so far my favorite. It’s both a casual bar for breakfast and a cozy cocktail lounge in the night. A cappuccino and a cornetto (croissant) filled with pistachio cream is my kind of standard. Lovely it is, you cannot miss a selfie with their green Ape (the cute three-wheel car used more often in Italy’s countryside). As I mentioned “lounge” instead of “bar”, you should expect a higher budget for the Aperitivo there. No buffet setting.

Analemma Cafe

Analemma Café is open only in the night, and don’t get confused by its name with the word, “Café”. It is a cocktail bar, not for coffee. The reddish interior lighting makes this bar popping up a lot in the nights of Cavour. They’ve got a nice Aperitivo offer as well, and therefore the young locals and the international community love it a lot.


Castroni on Via Nazionale closed down since January of 2019 and now finally, it’s back on Via Buschetto! You can never imagine how the locals feel pity when it was closed down before. However, I feel less excited when I see the new one, as it’s much smaller and “too new”. I miss the old traditional setting a lot. A standard Italian breakfast is well expected at Castroni. So far as I know, you can still find the old-style Castroni near Flaminia and Vantican.

Libreria Caffè Bohémien

Libreria Caffe Bhemien is quite hidden, especially in the daytime, because they don’t open until 6pm (if the owner is not late). I discovered it while wandering around Libri Necessari and Fatamorgana Gelateria. The small round tables, the classic table lamps, the wall of books, and the very seducing dark red lights from this Caffe caught my attention immediately. They serve interesting cocktails and small bites during Aperitivo hours. However, I believe the real thing they serve, is the feeling of “being a writer or an artist who’s living in this artisan neighborhood“.

Ex Galleria

Ex Galleria is “off the road”. That night, I was back from Roman Forum and took Via Baccina (you know I love this tiny street). A tiny door with a tiny window showed me a gallery-like room. And that was a full house! That’s Ex Galleria. Why it is called Galleria (gallery)? Because you gonna drink in a room decorated with fine arts. What a Rome style!

Where to eat in Cavour?

Cavour is not a big Rome neighborhood and it’s quite old. Most of the restaurants in the area are making the best of their limited space. Almost all are traditional and authentic Roman style as they serve the local community more than the tourists. However, it is also a young and “playful” area where I find interesting modern concepts blended into the old.

Non C'e Trippa Pe' Gatti

Non c’e trippa pe’ gatti is a nice place, where we dined with my parents a few weeks ago. The most interesting part is its name which literally means, “There is no more trippa for cats”. Trippa, as one of the most traditional Roman dishes, is the cow’s stomach part cooked heavily with the red (tomato) sauce. Love it or not, it’s a personal thing, but I’m pretty sure cats in Rome love it.
the special meatball restaurant polpetta monti with a rich selection of different polpetta recipes in cavour
the very unique tiramisu dessert with polpetta innovation in cavour
Tiramisu "Polpetta"

Polpetta Rione Monti

Polpetta Rione Monti is another restaurant with its specialty. Polpetta means meatball which is again one of the famous Roman dishes. The restaurant has a full menu of all the meatball variety (even for vegetarians). My most impressive discovery is their innovative tiramisu in the form of polpetta.
the yummy and simple tagliolini pasta with seafood and tomato sauce by civico 4 in cavour

Civico 4

Civico 4 is my favorite bistro in the area, not because of its wonderful dishes, but the casual and slow vibe there. Normally, I opt in a simple seafood-based long pasta (for example, tagliolini) with a glass of semi-dry white wine. If I meet my friends in the early night hours there, we will order a dish of mixed salty bites and a few glasses of wine or Aperol Spritz. When most of the traditional restaurants close down between lunch and dinner hours, they remain open. It’s perfect for a freelancer or people with flexible working hours, and don’t be shy to ask for a cup of big cappuccino or tea. They know you’re not Italian.

Ce Stamo A Pensa

Ce Stamo A Pensa is a bistro with Neapolitan dishes, so freely imagine all yummy seafood, fresh cheese, and deep-fried options! You probably have to sneak in as the space is quite tiny. I’ve talked about them a long while ago, you can find more here.

the storefront of pasta chef in cavour
the thursday special pasta gnocchi with shrimp and pumpkin cream sauce by pasta chef in cavour

Pasta Chef

La Piadineria and Pasta Imperiale are the two normal and frequent-visited places by the locals in lunch hours. I love the simple and ok taste from La Piadineria, but I am so-so with the pasta dishes by Pasta Imperiale.

If you are really looking for a simple pasta lunch or dinner, I recommend Pasta Chef which is a bit away from the zone. They’ve got a standard pasta menu, but if you visit them on a random Thursday, ask for the daily special. As Rome’s tradition “Eating gnocchi on Thursday”, you probably will have their wonderful gnocchi with pumpkin cream sauce and fresh shrimp on top.

the hawaii poke special shop in cavour
the tiny storefront of ami poke in cavour

Ami Poke

Ami Poke is a Hawaii bowl bistro. I think it’s open only for a while, however, it has already been popular in the area. If you are done with pasta and pizza (I’m joking. Italy has many more dishes than those two), try their bowls and don’t miss their dessert which is amazing!

If you are alone in Cavour, where to go for a nice bite?

The beauty of Cavour, talking about eating, is that it is so much solo-friendly. I often wander in Cavour by myself. Starting with a slice of pizza, and then a gelato as dessert followed by a coffee to the end.

Pizzeria Boccaccia & Forno da Milvio

Pizzeria Boccaccia and Forno da Milvio serve pizza by slices (size as you ask for). Both shops serve a big selection of yummy pizza.  The best part is they make fresh pizza non-stop during the rush hours (lunch and dinner). So, you can always enjoy a warm bite and never repeat the same type! Oh, and who is a fan of Nutella? You cannot miss a made-on-order Nutella pizza at Boccaccia which only charges you 2.5 euro!

the floral inspired gelato flavor by fatamorgana in cavour

Gelateria dell"Angeletto & Fatamorgana Monti

Gelateria dell’Angeletto and Fatamorgana Monti are the two famous gelato shops in the area, in my opinion. I cannot tell which one is my favorite. Angeletto has some locally sourced ingredient and my forever love, Vegan Nutella. Fatamorgana makes such a smooth gelato that says its high quality and they offer a couple of romantic floral flavors that I cannot find anywhere else. More read about their flavors from here and here.

the young and creative maritozzo bistro in cavour
new maritozzo with salty smoked salmon and avocado by mari maritozzo in cavour

Mari Maritozzo

Mari is a new concept born from the old. It’s a Marittozo special shop. Marittozo is a famous Roman dessert, with rich cream stuffed between the bread. Literally, it is like a hot dog, but a sweet version. Mari offers not only traditional cream version but a list of salty ones like salmon and avocado, or Roman dish Coda! The international taste and the Roman tradition in one-go? Possible, if you go for the mini sizes.

My list of things to do & where to eat and drink in Cavour is still growing, as there are much more than what I’ve just written down here. You are always welcomed to share more with me and I would be happy to try out!


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pinterest image for the new blog post about food and drink in cavour as my favorite rome neighborhood
pinterest image for the new blog post about food and drink in cavour as my favorite rome neighborhood
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      1. Hi Anna, lovely! Actually I’m missing that tiramisu now, as I’ve been living without a good tiramisu for a while (probably few weeks only, haha)

      1. Hey Bernara, you are absolutely right! Rome is such a great place for a foodie, eating out, drinking, socializing is very great here! I’m glad that you value my sharing, if you’ve got any question about Rome for your next trip, contact me freely 😀

    1. oooh my god, we were thinking of going to Rome during Easter, so reading your guide is like perfect timing. I love to taste traditional food so i will definitely visit some of your recommend restaurants!

      1. Hey Sarah, thanks for your comment and I’m happy that you love some of my recommendations.
        Rome for Easter is normally a great idea as the weather is getting perfect. However, I guess you also know this year is tricky for everyone… (corona virus). So far in Rome, everything is ok, just I see fewer tourists than usual, but nothing shut down. However, I really don’t know what will happen next for Italy and Rome, so if you are planning a trip, I do recommend to check the news and some official travel alerts from your country. Cheers.

    2. I’m drooling over that tiramisu…it’s one of my all-time favourites! Libreria Caffè Bohémien also looks really cool and quirky! Thanks for thee brilliant guide, I’m going to save this for my next visit to Rome!

      Hannah |

    3. All of these places look so amazing! Definitely a neighbourhood I want to check out next time I’m in Rome.

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