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Forno Milvio Roma: “Italian Fast Food” In Rome

Forno, is the general name of typical “Italian Fast Food” which offers food from oven (means “baked” food like pizza, bread, etc) as well as easy dishes and take-away is very welcomed

Forno da Milvio

Address: Via dei Serpenti, 7, 00184 Roma

Taste: ♥♥♥

Price: €

Service: Self-service / Take-away

Environment: Basic / Toilet / WIFI

Payment: Cash / Credit Card

Milvio Forno_Cavour_Rome_what to eat in Rome

The first time I learnt this place is from my boyfriend, and probably he was told by his fellow colleagues – as you know, Italian people are naturally passionate about “food-gossiping”. Milvio Forno is right on the way in my school neighbourhood, Cavour, where students, normal office people and tourists pass the whole day. Forno, is the general name of typical “Italian Fast Food” which offers food from oven (means “baked” food like pizza, bread, etc) as well as easy dishes and take-away is very welcomed. Naturally, it becomes one of the popular places in this neighbourhood.

Their Pizza is good!

Milvio is famous of its square pizza, but I find the locals love their cooked dishes, from where you can select roasted chicken, veggie, fried potato, pasta salad, rice and they put in one plate for you – Pretty much similar to the Chinese canteen. For now, I haven’t tried that, but pizza, and they are amazing!

Their pizza dough is medium thickness, not Pizza Romano (my favorite) but all their pizza are so heavy and a bit oily because the toppings are so rich. I love the red pizza (with tomato sauce to the base) with anchovies, rocket salad and fresh mozzarella; I also love the fresher one with tomato, mozzarella all added after the pizza is done from the oven (in Italian, it is called “A Fine Cottura”) in the super hot days.

You can sit inside with Wifi, but take away is preferred!

Sometimes, I have more time after class, I will stay inside, at one of the bar table to enjoy my pizza slowly. There is poor-to-zero signal inside but they do provide free wifi. Sometimes, when Rome is not as hot as inside an oven, I would enjoy take-away and just a little steps away, I will enjoy the pizza at Fontana dei Catecumeni.

You will love their prices!

The price point is very friendly as considering we are in the Rome city centre. A combination of 2 slices of pizza (with pretty rich toppings) and a bottle of soft drink, it costs me only € 8 more or less. Once time, we got some pieces of plain pizza which costs only € 2-3 in total. The lady at cashier is lovely but her English is limited, so do other girls behind the counter, but it doesn’t matter because all food is displayed well and I just need to point them. The girls normally will get a potion and ask you whether you want more or less – easy to communicate with body language, and also she will ask whether you want to warm them up, normally I say yes.

Milvio Forno_Cavour_Rome_what to eat in Rome

Milvio Forno_Cavour_Rome_what to eat in rome


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