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Driven by hunger but more by the perfection, we actually washed down those pizza slices within probably half an hour, leaving nothing behind!

Pizzeria Galileo

Address: Via Galileo Galilei, 1, 76125 Trani BT, Puglia

Taste: ♥♥♥♥

Price: €€

Service: ♥♥♥

Environment: ♥♥

Payment: Cash / Credit Card

Almost 11 o’clock after we’ve finished our late aperitivo with the groom and all old friends at the seaside bar in Trani. Two of us with two empty stomach filled only by sparkling wine, something satisfying but not too heavy is what we want desperately! That pizzeria on the corner with the friendly waitress who gives us suggestion about parking, is perfect! We were so happy that we discovered this place to be one highly ranked pizzeria in our “restaurant hunting” list.

Crunchy, fresh, super generous and you are ensured to be satisfied!

They’ve got a long list for red, white, special pizza as usual while something special really caught our eyes. I’ve ordered the plain pizza with pistachio, mortadella and Stracciatella di bufala – pistachio and mortadella is always right paring, and Stracciatella is recently (maybe always) my favorite fresh cheese. If you are a fan of the Italian famous fresh cheese, Burata, you should like Stracciatella as well, because it is the soft part right inside the Burata, plus it’s a Stracciatella di bufala – not a word can describe how delicious it is! My boyfriend got his special “Ciccio”, literally written as a special pizza (or not, we didn’t know before ordering) with prosciutto and Burata.

Our table turns out to be mouth-watering in a few minutes’ waiting! “Ciccio” turned out to be another plain pizza. Both dough was so airy and light, crunchy to the just right point and smell like right from the fire. The toppings as written above were all freshly placed in the centre after the dough is done. So what we did was just bite and enjoy the original flavor with the chemistry of dough and fire, meanwhile our mouths were occupied by the super freshness from the fresh cheese and other fresh ingredients (high quality and extremely fresh to be emphasized again) – Absolutely what you need for a late summer night! The prosciutto and the mortadella were just too much more than enough if you know what is the potion of a pizza outside Italy and in major tourism cities in Italy.

Driven by hunger but more by the perfection, we actually washed down those pizza slices within probably half an hour, leaving nothing behind (normally for not well-made pizza, I specially leave the dough)!


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