We have only 2 nights for the short stay. With this Italian summer heat, the only wish of ours were to relax and explore without getting dehydrated, and feed our belly.

We had a short weekend with our German friends in the northern Italy, Treviso. We selected Hotel Castel Brando as our home-away stay because it was actually a family trip with babies. Castel Brando offers a list of in-hotel activities to the busy moms and dads. For me and Luigi, we enjoyed the rich history and culture hosted by this hotel, while enjoying our lazy weekend holiday.
7 things to do for a perfect weekend in Castel Brando in Treviso Italy to inspire your next northern Italy vacation

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Staying with Castel Brando

I suggest to rent a car for traveling in that area. Of course, you can reach the hotel by the little cable car service from the town. Passing through the medieval style gate in the late night, the castle stood in front of us in its most beautiful shining way.
This nearly 2000-year old castle  is renovated into a boutique hotel. It hosts normal visitors like us but also the important guests from politicians to celebrities. Our basic hotel room is not big but very medieval classic, especially when I saw that painting of a medieval war in our room. My favorite is the small windows in our room. It gave a bird-view from morning to night. Surprisingly, the price around middle July wasn’t sky-high. Find the recent deals here.
Our adventure in Castel Brando started 1 hour after our arrival! Crazy as it was. I’ve sum up 7 best things to do with this boutique hotel and the nearby region.
castel brando front door after passing the medieval gate on the top of the hill
our standard hotel room is not big but very medieval classic with all the old italian decoration
after the reciption of castel brando we pass a long hall with endless stairs looking like exactly those ones inside a huge castle
the beautiful view in the morning from the little medieval style windows in our hotel room in castel brando

1. Go Back To the Medieval Time: Visit Private Museum and Ancient Galleria

There are two mini museums inside the castle. Yes, they are inside – when we asked for entrance, the guy just opened up the gate for us in reception hall – what a friendly access.
The main museum has a collection of medieval armors and weapons. In the end of the museum, there is a small chamber of music instruments. All the medieval music instruments had their matching sound tracks, which entertained the kids a lot.
The other museum is hidden after a half-man height iron gate. If you are the guest on 7th floor, you will find it just at the end of your corridor. I called it “bloody cell” because it is a museum for medieval torture  “art”.
Each museum costs around 30 minutes to 1 hour if you are a big fan to see piece by piece. They are all free!
the hotel hosts two mini museums for all the medieval collection from the castle

2. It’s All About Exploring: Try A “Blind” Walk In The Castle

Our blind-walk unfolded some “problems” of this castle hotel.
We entered many hotel facilities by swapping our room card, however, by chance, we discovered that our room card could lead us to some “prohibited” corridors and rooms also.
We succeeded to wander from a gallery to the theatre and also the pizzeria’s back door. When we entered the pizzeria in the non-business hours, there was no light nor anyone. So, it was a 100% free chance for us to do anything? 
After this, we grew braver and tried to swap our room card once we saw a door. After crossing an iron fence, the “boys” entered a private terrace garden. In the end, we managed to show up in the corridor where our hotel room was. I had no idea how we ended there.

3. 5 Minutes Time-Travel: Take Their Cable Car To The Town

Well, just mentioned the cable car, here you are!

The cable car is free to all hotel guests. It is on a steep slope at the back of the castle. You could get a 360 degree view of the town below. There is a souvenir shop and a bike shop once arrived at the foot of the hill.

The little town has a lovely central square with two cute bars, church and old government buildings.

From the town center, we followed the spring and walked a bit farther to almost the end of the town. From there, you could see a little fountain offering ice-cold mountain spring non-stop. That was life-saving in a sticky summer afternoon in the northern Italy.

from the day time, you can see the white castle from the town below
it is only a 5 minute ride with the cable car from the castel to the little town where is super quiet and peaceful to explore

4. Be A Roman: Go To Their SPA

The SPA is absolutely a must-go. The basic visit only costs € 22/person. Of course, any extra treatment requires an advanced booking and extra cost.

Our booking was in the late afternoon. Robe, towel, flipflop and even a shower cap for ladies are available at the entrance.

There is a beautiful terrace with the stunning mountain view, right in front of you. You can do sunbath there, or like us, enjoyed the jacucci. The only thing missed was a glass of Prosecco.

In the basement – yes, in this castle you go underground as frequently as you go upstairs – we tried sauna, Turkish sauna with lavender oil essense. After falling asleep on the lounge chairs, we walked in the warm and cold pool for a better blood circulation.

There was even a small swimming pool with strong currents for little self-massage. Indeed, a holiday cannot be without a SPA afternoon like this!

all the skincare products in the hotel and the hotel SPA are made naturally with some ingredients from the grapes

5. Sleep Till You Wake Up For Breakfast: A Light But Decent Italian Breakfast

Italian breakfast is normally on the sweet side, but Castel Brando offered some salty bites too.

More beautifully, the breakfast opened until 10am for a real lazy weekend holiday. The morning soft lights, the oil paintings, the flowers near the windows, and the stunning view outside made up our breakfast vibe perfect.

the perfect breakfast vibe created by castel brando
enjoy the classic italian breakfast in slow speed while enjoy the elegant painting in the restaurant and the morning view outside

6. It’s All About Prosecco: A Late Night Drink In The Gardens

Not sure whether we’ve been the first group of guests that drunk to “annoy” the hotel staffs in the nights? We managed to get the wine glasses and the bottle opener from hotel reception after we found their garden bar menu was not satisfying.

The first night happened in their charming garden, except the mosquito, everything there was perfect. There is a fountain, a fancy bar with limited options, a breathtaking night view of the castle and the town below.

Thanks to the super lovely reception guys, we made our second night in a secret terrace garden, which we discovered in our daytime adventure. A perfect place for your excuse to get drunk!

the side of the castle has a lovely garden with fountain and the great view and a small bar

7. Backyard Yummy Secret: Afternoon Gelato Run & Aperitivo With Green Spritz

There are several restaurants inside the hotel, however, we planned to explore other local restaurants in the area. But, their gelateria caught us.

It’s in the backyard of castle where we took lift to the cable car. It is a gelateria but also a bar with outdoor space. I took a few gelato flavors like biscotti (biscuit) and nocciola (hazelnut). 

Later that day, we went back for their very special Green Spritz. Usually, we know the Italians use Aperol or Campari to make Spritz, and it is one of the most famous orange-color Italian cocktails. Here, they use P31, a special regional green herbal liquor. Instead of adding a slice of orange, they’ve put grapefruit in small pieces. It tasted more Campari than Aperol, which means bitter. The green cocktail had stronger aroma of herbs to refresh everything.

the unique green spritz discovered during our castel brando staycation in the northern italy last summer

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gustobeats travel in italy guide top 7 things to do in castel brando as the 2000 years old medieval castle in the northern italy
gustobeats travel in italy blog post top 7 things to do in castel brando as the 2000 years old medieval castle in the northern italy
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    11 Responses

    1. Oh that ice cream makes me crave summer. I love the historic look of this place! Italy is one of my favorite destinations even though I’ve been there only twice. 🙂

    2. Oh my goodness, it almost looks like a fairytale! I can’t get over how beautiful and scenic those views are. Move aside a weekend, I’m going to just move there haha.

      1. haha, fairytale as it is, right! I think so too! But maybe with their two mini museums, which one of them is telling a bit history about the torturing stuff during medieval time… could be a bit horror/fantasy fairytale 😀

    3. I absolutely love this post. Can I just move into this place and drink Prosecco in the garden all of the time? 😉

      1. haha, I smell another wine/prosecco/bubble friend here!
        Actually, in their garden bar, they’ve got limited collection, and this is quite out of expectation as we are in the region of wine and Prosecco. I will suggest to rent a car (or you have one?) and drive to nearby towns in the region (20-30 mins drive normally) and taste different types of Prosecco! They are so good, and believe me, for wine lover, it’s suppppper cool! I have another blog post tells the nearby towns and places to go and to drink/to eat, if you are interested, have a look and maybe mark them down 😀
        Here you are the link: https://www.gustobeats.com/weekend-itinerary-in-treviso/

    4. Seem like a very luxurious hotel with cool things to do around. I’m a budget traveler so this is probably not for me, but I will recommend it to a friend

      1. Hi Albi, I just checked the price of this castle hotel (I’m curious also, as last time my boyfriend arranged everything with his friends…)
        The cost of one room for 2 people is €135 during July 2020. And, as I remember, the breakfast is included. But SPA has a half-day or full-day entrance fee (half-day €20 something) and then you can have everything inside, but for the facial/skin care service, you need to book and to pay extra.
        Hope this extra information is useful for you or your friend 😀

    5. What a beautifully grand hotel! I love the idea of having its own funicular. The spa day sounds so lush and relaxing – especially ending with a green spritz in these lovely surroundings.

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