Exploring Italy with the best 44 Italy tourism Instagram accounts

Whether you are exploring Italy as an expat or a local, or you are actually planning a trip to Italy on your own, we have the same question, where to go in Italy? Italy is not a big country, however, it has a very diverse regional landscape to see and culture to experience. Thanks to the free-flow information nowadays, especially online and on many social media platforms, we can get Italy travel inspiration and even the official tourism information easily. My first-hand resource is from Instagram, and I would like to show you the best Italy tourism Instagram accounts I’ve collected.

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Exploring Italy with the official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts

beautiful Italian mountain Dolomini Passo Rolle by @italiait on instagram
Dolomini Passo Rolle by @italiait

@italiait : This is the official Instagram account for Italy Tourism Board. Similar to other curated Instagram accounts, this Italy Tourism Instagram account shows all the dreaming destinations in Italy. The biggest value is you can expect more accurate and reliable information or announcement from this official channel.


Besides @italiait, I also recommend the official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts on a regional base. Those accounts have a focus on all the regional well-known spots, and you have a higher chance to discover more local information, secret and unique places to visit in Italy.

Exploring Northern Italy with those official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts

the magic sea of clouds over the Italian mountain in the north by @valledaosta_official on instagram
By @valledaosta_official

Northern Italy has Milan, Turin, Venice, Veneto, and many famous tourism cities. Northern Italy is the high-ranking destination for both winter and summer vacation seasons, for example, skiing in the Alps, hiking on the Dolomites in spring or summer, the best Italian feast with the precious white truffle and Italian wine.

Here you are a list of all the official northern Italy Tourism Instagram accounts to follow:

Lombardy @in_lombardia

Veneto @visitveneto

Trentino Alto Adige @visittrentino or @visitsouthtyrol

Friuli Venezia Giulia @fvglive

Liguria @turismoinliguria

Piedmont @visit_piemonte

Emilia Romagna @inemiliaromagna

Aosta Valley @valledaosta_official

Among the above Northern Italy regions, I’ve specially shared my weekend story in Treviso, which is exactly in the Trentino Alto Adige area. As I described, our weekend is full of mountain greens and Prosecco (the regional Italian wine). What’s more? If you connect the capital city of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto, Turin (Torino), Milan (Milano), and Venice (Venezia), you get another topic of mine, the classic Italian cocktails, which I highly recommend everyone to have a read before visiting Italy!

Exploring Center Italy with those official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts

night view of rome city and vatican st peters church dome by By @visit_lazio on instagram
By @visit_lazio

Center Italy? This term might sound unfamiliar to most of you, however, you won’t miss Tuscany (Florence) or Rome for an Italy trip, right? They are all in Center Italy area.

Here you are the list:


Tuscany @visittuscany

Florence @cittadifirenzeufficiale

The Marches @marchetourism

Lazio @visit_lazio

Umbria @umbriatourism

Exploring Southern Italy with those official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts

magic sunset moments in the sea around italy calabria region by By @turiscalabria on instagram
By @turiscalabria

Comparing to the north and the center, Southern Italy is slowly picking up the tourism attention over the years. South Italy has become the perfect destination for Italy secret escapes!  

Apuglia @weareinpuglia

Calabria @turiscalabria

However, as I mentioned above, the south started its tourism development a bit later than the north. Many southern Italy regions haven’t set up their official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts. So, I listed out a few established Instagram accounts dedicated to those regions below:

Basilicata @igersbasilicata

Abruzzo @igabruzzo 

Molise @igers_molise_

Campania @ig.campania or @igerscampania (if you are a big fan of Capri, @capri_tourism_official is the official Instagram account to follow)

Exploring Italy islands with those official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts

pink sea in sicily in italy by By @ig_visitsicily on instagram
By @ig_visitsicily

Sicily and Sardinia are the first and second biggest islands of Italy, and luckily, both of them have their official Italy Tourism Instagram accounts for us to get the first-hand information.


Sardinia @visit.sardinia

Sicily @ig_visitsicily

Exploring Italy with those Italy Travel Inspiration & Italy Magazine Instagram accounts

Amalfi Coast in italy by @visititalyofficial on instagram
Amalfi Coast by @visititalyofficial

@visititalyofficial : A curated account to show the best and the most amazing destinations in Italy. Be prepared, the photos in this feed are breath-taking.

Bellevue Syrene hotel in italy by @italysegreta on instagram
Bellevue Syrene by @italysegreta

@italysegreta : This is one of my favorite Italian inspiration Instagram account, especially during the lockdown period. The curated photos and videos on their feed are heavily on the Italy vacation concept. You will find many beaches, sea and lakes, beautiful greed lands in the middle of Italy valleys or northern Italy mountains, and the Italian lifestyle! Don’t forget their hashtag #italyfromawindow for a more authentic side of the Italian lives.

Reggia di Caserta near Naples in Italy by @igersitalia on instagram
Reggia di Caserta by @igersitalia

@igersitalia : It is an account written in the Italian language, but it won’t trouble me by their carefully selected photos. They also introduce many general and well-known Italian destinations, however, I find more Italy hidden gems from their feeds. So, if you are looking for the Italy off-the-beaten-path travel contents, their feeds could be valuable.


@italy.photos : Another perfect account to inspire your Italian vacation. They’ve curated the most famous Italian travel destinations, and sometimes, they talk about a single location instead of a city or a region. So, you can expect a little in-depth introduction to some specific locations in Italy.


@italymagazine : The online magazine offers everything you need to know about visiting and exploring Italy. They’ve been posting much local information from Italian cuisine to politics, and even the latest updates about lockdown in Italy.

Exploring Italy with those Art & Culture Instagram accounts

Milan Duomo in Milan italy by @beniculturali3.0 on instagram
Milan Duomo by @beniculturali3.0

@museitaliani : For museum lovers, Italy should be one of the must-visit destinations, however, the pain is Italy has too many museums and most of them are small and hidden. Musei Italiani is the one location to get some up-to-date information about the museums in Italy. They posted the latest museum events and exhibitions. When they are introducing a specific museum, normally they include the visiting hours and other important tourism information. The written language is Italian, but we all know, Instagram has a “translate” function built-in the app, right?

@mibact : It is the official account of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. They have many posts about culture or art, and some of them are giving in-depth background and knowledge. If you don’t have time to visit Italy’s many museums, their feed could also be a good source to learn some art history. They used to post in English but recently switched to Italian.

@beniculturali3.0 : It is an account dedicated to cultural heritage, which means it’s perfect for history and culture lovers. I find their feed not only informative but also aesthetic and professional-created.

Toto in the old italian movie an american in rome by @theitaliancinema on instagram
Toto by @theitaliancinema

@theitaliancinema : I discovered this account when I was searching for the best photo resource for my “14 Quotes Of The Italian Women, Sophia Loren”. Once you open their feed, it would be like a time-machine is turning the clock. Everything is black and white, every single person in their feeds is so classic! This account is the “destination” for Italian old movie fans. I guess that the owner of this account could be a fan of Sophia Loren, too.

Exploring Italy with Instagram accounts of the Italy bloggers, artists, and photographers

Italy secret escapes to the top vacation sights

beach of sicily in italy by @andreacaruso on instagram
Sicily by @andreacaruso

@andreacaruso : I recently discovered and followed Andrea’s Instagram account as his bird-view photography style brings out a different side of Sicily!!! Stunning and dramatic are the only two words I can find to describe his works.

Sicily by @rymuppet on instagram
Sicily by @rymuppet

@rymuppet : Sicily, Capri, and Tuscany are the most content on this very special Instagram account, which is a purely artsy visual journey for our eyes!


Lungotevere in Rome near tiber river by @romeinside on instagram
Lungotevere by @romeinside

As a Rome lifestyle blogger, I cannot exclude a small section to introduce a few Rome-based bloggers to you. You will find their Instagram accounts with different styles, but all of them are offering amazing Rome travel inspiration and valuable travel tips and the latest city information.


@anamericaninrome : Natalie’s Instagram is a window to see the true Roman life. I especially like reading her blog, because she always presents unexpected cultural topics.


@romeinside : Elisa’s photos show the most beautiful and romantic side of Rome city. You might not expect Rome can be like that.


@heartrome : Maria is a food & travel writer. Similar to Natalie, her photos give many backgrounds of Rome monuments as well as the authentic side of how Romans live. Check out her hashtage #heartrome as well.


@gmcguireinrome : I recently connected with Gillian on Instagram a lot, as I simply love her passion to share every side of Rome city. She has a passion for food and drink and shares a lot through her feeds.


@gustobeats : Self-introduce me here, and see you on Instagram.


If you are looking for some specific Instagram accounts to follow or to get information from about Rome city, museums & art information in Rome, you can check out my Top 11 Instagram Accounts to follow for Rome.


@girlinflorence : Georgette is the editor of Italy Magazine (@italymagazine) but she also runs a blog and posts on her Instagram account. If you are planning a trip to Florence or Tuscany in Italy, check out her Instagram for inspiration and local tips. You can also use the hashtag #YourFlorence to reach more inforamtion.

Italian Cooking

@katieparla : If you are looking for an Instagram account for Italian cuisine and cooking recipes, you cannot miss Katie’s. She also has a cookbook, Food Of The Italian South, which I have had my eyes on it already.

Art has no limitations!

I especially add these two Instagram accounts in the end, because they are not for Italy Tourism, but both of them are my favorites.

“Pallade e Atena, Palazzo del Parlamento di Vienna” by @lillociaola on instagram
“Pallade e Atena, Palazzo del Parlamento di Vienna” by @lillociaola

@lillociaola : Lillo’s creation is… speechless, especially, the recent ones become my daily dose of entertaining. Somehow his creativity and humor remind me of those best hilarious videos and memes online during 2020’s global pandemic.

roman quarantine paintings By @romangalgoesaround on instagram
Roman Quarantine By @romangalgoesaround

@romangalgoesaround : My Instagram girl, Elisa, painted and created the Roman quarantine series during Italy’s lockdown. From her Instagram feeds and her paintings, I simply have the connection of what is happening outside my window.

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gustobeats blog post best 44 italy tourism instagram accounts to follow for exploring italy pinterest pin image
gustobeats blog post best 44 italy tourism instagram accounts to follow for exploring italy pinterest pin image
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