Newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube… what is your favorite way to get inspiration and knowledge online nowadays? I’m using a bit of everything, but if I have to be specified. The newsletter is my NO.1 choice to the first-hand content I need and I love, however, if we are talking about quick daily impressions, I use Instagram. Today, I’m here to share with you a few Instagram accounts to follow for Rome, to learn more about Rome’s history and art. If you want to read and know more about Rome’s history and local culture, or if you only need some inspirations about the beautiful places to go and the local restaurants with great value, follow me now!

Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration post nor paid one. Just sharing what I love and appreciate with you.

Know Rome By Its Language

I’ve been following her since I started my Italian language course in Rome. She uses her feeds to introduce the unique Rome slangs and special words, and in a very easy-to-understand and hilarious way.

I’m from China, speak mandarin. If you have traveled in China or know Chinese culture, you won’t feel weird that I spent 9 months to master Cantonese (without having a course or learn from someone intentionally)! Plus, I am a native Shanghai dialect speaker. Rome is the same!

Italy is a very young country (Don’t mistake the Roman Empire as Italy) and before its union, it is “deeply” divided into many different micro kingdoms or republics. The Italians always ironically make a joke to themselves that, “The Italians don’t speak Italian.” The reason is because of the dialect. Rome has its dialect too, and it has so many slangs which are difficult to learn but meanwhile, very interesting and almost fascinating! Those slangs are created with the specific setting of the using condition or environment. It is exactly opening the door for us to the Roman local culture and life.

Let me show you one example from Rome Is More:

“giro de peppe”
giro = have a tour, tour around, walk around…
de = of
peppe = pepper (mostly means black pepper)


Here’s her interpretation:
“When you live in Roma sud (South of Rome) but during quarantena (quarantine) you go to Roma nord (North of Rome) to throw your trash, you are doing a giro de peppe.

Know Rome By Its History And Art

There are many ways to know history and art, for example, books, documentaries, visiting museums and art galleries, etc. Thanks to the digital life we have now, the free resources online is more than we expect! In Rome, it is the same.

My first saved photo of Rome on Instagram is from them. Yes, they are running tours in Rome commercially, but I respect their hard work of sharing the history and art knowledge about Rome for free, and in a very professional way. If you’ve remembered my 3-day Rome Itinerary, I’ve mentioned that Piazza Navona was once flooded for two months in the medieval time, for the Roman people to enjoy the cool water in the summers and to have fun in the square? That piece of secret knowledge was exactly inspired by Rome Guides.

They are writing in bilingual languages and I’m having a mini-history class with them almost every day.

If you are specifically interested in Art, @milestonerome is a nice one to follow. They have a focus on promoting arts and museums of Rome. Recently, they had a small campaign to show the empty museums of Rome in quarantine, which reminds me of so many beautiful and important museums which I haven’t visited.

Here is one for Terme di Diocleziano. The museum under Museo Nazionale Romano and the heritage of the biggest bath of the Roman Empire.

Their sharing is not only inspiring but sometimes, also informative. When we visit a museum, we often overlook many details and masterpieces for whatever reason I don’t know. Exactly with their posts, I can fill up that “gap”.

Rome is not lack of big and small museums. Many of them are under Musei in Comune Roma. Before the quarantine in Rome, I’ve just caught the last chance to visit the exhibition “Cavona, Eterna Bellezza” in Museo di Roma. And where I got the news of this great exhibition? You know it.

Currently, they are also offering Virtual Tour on the website, and short video tour on their Instagram. The latest one is about Mercati di Traiano. Unfortunately, they often write in Italian for their Instagram account. Well, luckily we can use the “Translate” function from our phone app. Just scroll down to the end, and you will see that button.

Talking about museum accounts, the one that you cannot miss is Galleria Borghese. The museum is already famous enough to draw a long line in the normal days, and if you’ve visited, you must know their 2-hour visiting rule. So, I think it’s a great idea to see those stunning artworks with their professional photography on the Instagram feed wall. Plus, they share the latest notice and museum information which I think is super important if you want to visit this high-demand museum in Rome.

They don’t write many details in their captions, so I suggest to take it as an inspiration for what artwork to be googled in-depth or to be visited closely in your next museum trip.

If you are a fan of ancient Roman history and art, except Musei in Comune Roma, you can also follow the official account of Museo Nazionale Romano. Under it, there are four museums: Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo, Terme di Diocleziano and Crypta Balbi. It’s another nice resource to have a closer look at their ancient Roman collection.

Know Rome By Its Beauty

Instagram is really for visual content, and Rome is perfect to be an instagramable city.
They are making the guides and maps of Rome, and I just love how they present those little details of Rome city. Their feeds cover not only the major monuments but also some city corners, interesting storefronts, great food recommendations and many more.
I cannot get off my eyes on their beautiful curated feeds about Rome. Many photos are contributed by professional photographers.

Know Rome By Its Lifestyle

I always feel fascinated to know a place’s local story while visiting a place. Even I’m now living in Rome, it is the same. I love to explore the local neighborhood, to try the local food or street bites, and to see how the locals do every day.
Let’s go for a bit of fun! I’ve recently discovered Elisa’s account and she’s drawing Rome’s normal daily and posting on her Instagram account. Many of her works are published in local magazines as well. She’s also very sweet and has an eye to catch the cutest life details like the clothes hanging in the air, the cat, the rooftop, and the pasta-making table!
This is no joke! I’m seriously obsessed with this account and always feel mouth-watering! I love Spritz, small Italian bites and indeed, the Aperitivo culture. They share the amazing deals of Aperitivo in Rome, especially those huge wooden tray stuffed by all the Roman cold cuts and cheeses. Also, they have some nice recommendations about Rome’s beautiful rooftop bars.
Last but not least, it comes to myself. As you know, my Instagram has a focus on my Rome life. The most content is about the beautiful Rome inspirations or travel guides, but recently since we all stay at home, I started to post more about the local culture and history, as well as my personal notes about the Rome lifestyle.

Sharing is Caring

following a few valuable instagram accounts to know more about rome and its history and art as the best free virtual resource to travel in rome from home
following a few valuable instagram accounts to know more about rome and its history and art as the best free virtual resource to travel in rome from home
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