Boutiques Shops I Love For A Florence Shopping Trip

Boutique shoes I love for a Florence shopping trip_florence shopping trip

Renaissance arts, Michelangelo and David, Leather goods, Golden jewelry… What are the best keywords for Florence can you list? Hummm… I’m thinking about boutique shops in Florence. How are you? It’s a short break after Christmas and soon we need to prepare for the New Year. Have you bought or received the best festival gifts […]

If You Are Travelling To Malta For The First Time

St.Elmo Breakwater and Lighthouse view from a hidden staircase

Ciao! I’m back, and with our last “summer” vacation of 2019 – Malta! That was in September, 2 weeks after our weekend-escape in Tuscany seaside. It was also my first time to Malta. I did a little research and planning before our trip and I am happy with that! So, today I’m sharing with you […]

Weekend Itinerary Of Treviso In Italy

the beautiful vineyards view from valdobbiadene

I’ve told that the locals are fond of their Prosecco and white wine, goat cheese and mutton dishes. Here, they’ve plenty of the hills, the forest, the snake-crawling roads. This place’s name is Treviso, a beautiful region in the northern Italy. I’m so happy with our group road trip in Treviso, and I want to […]


one day itinerary in tuscany seaside things to do near albinia

Tuscany, people imagine the breathtaking landscape, hills by hills under the strong Tuscany sun, however, Tuscany also embraces “salty water” life. Before the trip to Malta, we drove up to Tuscany seaside for a friend’s birthday party on the beach. Taking the chance, we revisited Porto Santo Stefano and filled up a bit our bucket […]

Castel Brando: 7 Things To Do For A Perfect Weekend In Italy

castel brando in treviso region in italy is a 2000 years old medieval castle hotel

We have only 2 nights for the short stay. With this Italian summer heat, the only wish of ours were to relax and explore without getting dehydrated, and feed our belly. We had a short weekend with our German friends in the northern Italy, Treviso. We selected Hotel Castel Brando as our home-away stay because […]


Driven by hunger but more by the perfection, we actually washed down those pizza slices within probably half an hour, leaving nothing behind! Pizzeria Galileo Address: Via Galileo Galilei, 1, 76125 Trani BT, Puglia Taste: ♥♥♥♥ Price: €€ Service: ♥♥♥ Environment: ♥♥ Payment: Cash / Credit Card Almost 11 o’clock after we’ve finished our late […]

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