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Home-Away With 25Hours Hotel Hamburg

Last autumn, we caught a weekend and “escaped” to Hamburg. We’ve checked out a couple of major landmarks of Hamburg and its busy and vivid city center. Of course, we didn’t miss the typical Hamburg and German food. We even managed to enjoy a rainy day with our virgin chocolate museum experience. However, the most impressive experience was on our arrival night, when we checked in 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg (25Hours Number One Hamburg). Today, I’m going to share our home-away stay in this cool hotel with you.

the view from our room of the 25hours hotel in hamburg

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the cute and beautiful street near the hotel in the autumn of hamburg

Location is NOT the key

Location-wise, it was not “convenient”, but we love it! Out from S-Bahn Station Bahrenfeld, we walked for about 10-15 minutes to reach it. On the way, we had the chance to glimpse the real neighborhood of Hamburg. We saw lovely small houses, clean streets covered with the rain-socked autumn leaves. I especially enjoyed the little cobble-stone road in front of the train station. The leaves and the fallen chestnut made such a natural feeling in this modern industrialized German city.

It’s not a traditional hotel

the lobby of 25hours number one in hamburg has many details and design corner

The lobby

Founded with a new concept, 25Hours hotel group is surely not going in a traditional way. The Hamburg one we’ve stayed is 25Hours Number One Hamburg. Why Number One? Because it is truly the first hotel of this successful cool hotel group.


Once entered the hotel lobby, I immediately locked my eyes on their souvenir corner which had many interesting fun designs. Home decoration, Hamburg souvenir, personal care products, designed maps… I cannot name them all. Fun, design, and community were probably the key messages this hotel wanted to share.

our little hotel room at 25hours hotel in hamburg
Our Little Home-away Room
the big and connected balcony of our hotel room is able to let us enjoy the quiet hamburg neighborhood
25hours hotel balcony is perfect for sitting and enjoy the good weather while reading their internal newspaper for local information
the long balcony is all connected for the guests in 25hours hotel in hamburg

The balcony

Our Room was not traditionally big, but it had a very lovely view from our balcony. Actually, the balcony was connected to other rooms. So, hi neighbors.


From there, we can have a view of the whole neighborhood and at early night, spotted a few seconds of the normal German family’s dinner.


The balcony was also a perfect spot to sit around. When the typical Hamburg rainy weather was absent, I took the chance to sit there with their Companion (I will talk about it later).


stop the water while using me is a cool toilette concept inside 25hour hotel in hamburg

The toilettes

Most of the European hotels don’t offer toilettes but 25Hours does, and they do in a different way. “Stop the water while using me” – surely I did. I even checked out this brand’s Instagram to learn more about its concept. Interestingly, I found them also in the little gift shop corner at the hotel lobby.

free to use bag inside each hotel room is provided by 25hours hotel in hamburg as a way to show their hospitality in hamburg

The bag

It’s not a fashionable bag, but I wouldn’t bother to use it as the concept was really cool. It was a Freitag cross-body bag, hanging on the wall in our hotel room. I guess not many hotels offer free bags nowadays? Somehow, it gave me a home-stay feeling.

25hours hotel in hamburg has their own printed newspaper companion in the hotel room to provide community concept and local news to the guests

The Newspaper, Companion

This was probably my favoriteThey’ve got their printed newspaper on our hotel room’s wall! As the name, it was really a nice “companion” as we did need some local information and insights. The topics are mostly about contemporary arts, designs, new brands, and concepts by the young community-based in Hamburg, Germany, or Europe. I have to say, in terms of value-added service and local community-support, 25 Hours does a really good job! 

Love it.


BTW, I’m always a curious person loving digging more information and recommending to others. So, what did I do? I found out “Companion” is actually a real companion-concept by 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg. They’ve put up all their past printed Companion newspaper in the website, you can find here. And, I discovered a soundtrack as well!

Love it x2.

welcome drink is the local beer and cider from 25hours hotel in hamburg
free to use water and tower to encourage exploring the city and neighborhood by running or jogging with 25hours hotel in hamburg

Cool hospitality

Upon our arrival, we were offered a small welcome drink, straight from their wall-mounted fridge in the lobby. Guess what we chose? Typical Hamburg beers and apple cider. This was our first Hamburg local experience.


They’ve used their wall space pretty well. Next to the wall-mounted fridge, it was a cabinet inside the wall and it was called “jogging corner”. They’ve got towels, tissue paper, and water bottles from special sustainability or environment-related projects. Surely, we didn’t make our sweat in Hamburg, but what an idea!

classic restaurant has many little details and designs inside the 25hours hotel in hamburg
love the design bar chairs in the restaurant of 25hours hotel in hamburg

25Hours Number One Hamburg, has a classic pinky restaurant and a golden-and-woody bar area. However, I didn’t notice the extra larger space hidden behind the restaurant. It was actually to the backdoor and the huge common area, like the space of a hostel. There was a modern-designed fireplace! Unfortunately, I only discovered this “wonderland” exactly when we were leaving for Rome. 


I hope you like my little sharing of this home-away weekend stay at 25Hours Hotel in Hamburg.

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