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Glauco Gelati Monti: A Gelateria With Macaron In Rome

The biggest difference of Glauco from other Rome gelateria, is the macaron collection.

All macarons are fresh made, and they offer a wide selection of tastes. To have a gelato in their shop, you can choose a macaron instead of the traditional biscuit! Good idea?

Glauco Gelati Monti in Rome

A more-than-traditional gelateria in Rome

Another gelato post, yes, this is summer now! Rome gelateria is my only choice!

Glauco Gelati Monti is a more-than-traditional gelateria. Why? Look at the shop, obviously the owner is taking something from the French style. Different from other Rome gelateria, they are offering macarons. All macarons are fresh made with a wide selection of tastes. When I got my two-flavor gelato, I chose one macaron instead of the traditional biscuit!

They’ve got around 20 gelato flavors. 70% are on the creamy side and the left ones are fruity flavors. I love “Sicilian Cannoli” specially. “Cannoli” is a traditional Sicilian dessert with a roll-shape pastry and a lot of ricotta cheese. Oftenly,  you will find chocolate or pistachio flavors except the original taste. It is a pretty sweet Italian dessert – definitely for sweet-tooth!

Glauco Gelati Monti has more than 20 gelato flavors and many handmade macarons

Some truth... and recommendation

The girl is very lovely. She introduced to me the best-seller flavors and also encouraged me to give a try to their macaron. I chose the “almond” macaron simply for its beautiful color. I think it is an Instagram-friendly photo!
Unfortunately, I’ve known from them that the macarons are not made freshly from the shop. They made the macarons in the central kitchen and deliver them to the shop. I think that in the hottest summer days in Rome, there is a chance to affect the macaron in the delivery. The macaron might not taste crispy.
However, I recommend their gelato. The taste is not industrial. Personally, I am always happy to try a new special flavor when visiting different Rome gelateria shops. The price for a small cone is €2.80 and medium costs €3.50. Comparing to the nearby Gelateria dell’Angeletto, it’s slightly expensive but acceptable.
sicilian cannoli gelato flavor with the special macaron by Glauco Gelati Monti in Rome

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