9 Best Books About Rome

gustobeats blog post about 9 best books about rome including fictions set in ancient Rome and history books

Today, let’s talk about books. I mean, firstly, the best books about Rome, but not a travel guide book. Moving to Italy means many things to me. The biggest one is lifestyle change. Living in Asia, I’ve even no time for an audiobook or a 15-minute podcast. I’ve spent nearly 10 months communing between Orte […]

Lockdown Benefit: Discover Those Hidden Rome Street Art

powerful and determined italian grandma graffiti on a shop roller shutter in trastever Rome

Rome is slowly stepping into the post-lockdown period, and surely the almost two-month lockdown in Rome city changed many people’s life opinion. However, 2020’s pandemic and lockdown don’t bring us absolute negativity, for example, the recovering earth environment in a big way. In a much smaller way, I do discover a lockdown benefit personally. I […]

10 Secrets Of Rome From A Tour Guide

the details on the marble column in Rome with Rome city and Vatican as a background

Since I started to write in this blog, I’ve discovered more secrets of Rome over the time. Sometimes, I dig those little “pieces” out from books and online research. Sometimes, I hear it from the locals or the tour guides. I invited my friend and the tour guide of Carpe Diem Rome, Russell, to share […]

Visit Rome From Home: 12 Free Virtual Resources

typical sunsets in rome as recorded on my instagram to show the daily rome image to whom love rome but not have a chance to come over to see by their eyes

We are hitting one month since the global traveling activities were decreasing to almost zero. My dear travelers, you are probably like me, missing the good feelings of walking outside, visiting the new places, meeting the different people, and experiencing different cultures and events. Actually, traveling is a way to understand our world and a […]

How Many Colosseum Secrets Can We Count

gustobeats a rome lifestyle blog about the colosseum secrets

Have you visited Colosseum? Have you known Colosseum and its history? What about Colosseum secrets? Colosseum is definitely the NO.1 site that every tourist who comes to Rome, wants to visit. It stands there since 80AC and becomes a sign of the Imperial Rome, now it is one of the New 7 Wonders of The […]

3 Day Rome Itinerary For The Best Attractions

the beautiful piazza navona in the early night in rome

If you are following my Instagram, you must know that I’ve got my friend from Shanghai last week and I brought her around Rome and Florence. Coming to Rome for the first time and wanting to see all the best attractions within 3 days is not an easy task. However, we were quite happy with […]

Do You Read Rome’s Symbols?

FERT symbol on via imperiale

Do you notice some repeatedly-shown Rome symbols, when you visit Rome city, crossing those beautiful but crowded streets, squeezing into the crowds and trying to take a photo of the famous Trevi Fountain, or staying speechless in front of Colosseum. They are actually all round the city, maybe right under your foot, in front of […]

Terme Di Diocleziano: The Shower Place In Rome

the beautiful garden now gives an overview to the museum itself and the corridors with the exhibited roman time sculptures and paintings in medieval

Talking about Roman bath, or Roman Terme, you might think about Caracalla, as one of the most well-perserved Roman bath. However, just inside Rome city center, there are many heritages of Roman Terme which are much older than Caracalla. They might not be the most well-perserved ones, but they did tell a story of their […]

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