Best Places To Visit From My 2019 Footprints

Best places to visit from my 2019 footprints_beijing financial centre

Happy New Year! This is another new year for everyone, but it is slightly different. We’ve got 24 hours more than the past 3 years! Now I’m filing up my 2019 memories and share with you the best places to visit in 2020! 2020 starts a new circle of the Chinese zodiac. This year’s zodiac […]


one day itinerary in tuscany seaside things to do near albinia

Tuscany, people imagine the breathtaking landscape, hills by hills under the strong Tuscany sun, however, Tuscany also embraces “salty water” life. Before the trip to Malta, we drove up to Tuscany seaside for a friend’s birthday party on the beach. Taking the chance, we revisited Porto Santo Stefano and filled up a bit our bucket […]

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