Crunchy Homemade Granola with Oats

crunchy homemade granola with oats directly from my pantry and everything on hand

Ok, I promise a recipe for my weekend homemade granola with oats. Here I am. I have to admit that Luigi doesn’t love my first try, but he loves my last try. I guess the difference is the crunchiness. We used to and still stock up a couple of boxes of granola and cereals for […]

Simple Italian Frittata With Ricotta Cheese And Crust

simple recipe of the italian frittata with ricotta cheese, spinach and sfoglia crust

Happy Sunday! The rain doesn’t stop, and we continue switching between the “yellow zone” and “orange zone” in Rome. It means – we do have a lot of time at home. Today, I want to share with you my simple recipe inspired by the Italian Frittata with ricotta cheese and spinach. Cooking has become the biggest hobby […]

Simple Italian Summer Recipes for A Week

simple spaghetti with tomato sauce even my cat loves

I always want to share our very normal Italian home-kitchen with you. Thinking the beauty of this blog is not only showing you beautiful places in Rome and Italy but also sending you practical ideas of living like an Italian. So, I came along with this idea – 7 Italian summer recipes. They are exactly […]

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