Best skin care products of all time, I mean 2020

french pharmacy, clean beauty, natural ingredients are all in my best skin care products of all time list in 2020

I always want to share something about skincare with you! Well, I guess, finally, this will be the first chapter – just a few carefully selected “best skin care products of all time” according to me. I like trying new skincare and beauty products. Plus, I don’t have a sensitive skin type but a just-the-everyone-has-it […]

The Goods, September’20

gustobeats monthly the goods sharing, september 2020

Even we live in Rome, which summer, in general, is longer, I still feel the subtle change of everything since the last day of August. This morning, when I had to put up a full makeup (even you might still think I didn’t wear anything on my face) for a business video shooting, the dullness […]

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