Spring/Summer basics

white and beige basic tank top and pleated trousers are a part of the wardrobe basic checklist for this spring and summer

Hey, another weekend, how are you? Today, I want to chat with you about the wardrobe basics checklist for this spring/summer.

I always have a “fever” to Scandinavian minimalism/basic-wearing style. Sorry, not the traditional Italian style in general, as it doesn’t fit me who has no pale skin tone, nor with the matching body shape. Of course, I also love many Italian modern brands with a clean-and-chic minimalism style.

We are in the middle of May. Normally April and May is the changeable season – one day with rain, one day with sun. Another thing is the day-and-night temperature difference. I still remember we have a 12-15 degree daily temperature change in April. Even now, I might sweat in my already-tank-with-light-trousers outfit after walking more than 30 minutes outside in the day. However, a wool blazer or a trench coat is needed after the sunset.

This is the perfect situation for layering, right?

I mean, I did buy and own quite a number of non-basic or non-minimal clothes. Over the years, I recognize that those dress-ups, colorful, or printed designs only work well if they are summer dresses.

When I hang out in Rome, I tend to wear something makes me feel comfortable, clean, and chic. Even for a limited number of special nights in the city like Rome, I prefer an elegant black slip dress than anything else. The others, they probably only belong to the “forgotten” vacations.

Collecting good pieces of basics makes dressing-up easily. The basics in nice shapes and good quality naturally form up the perfect outfits. They never go wrong with you.

I have made a few purchase in April. Most of them are basic tops and shirts as when I was doing my wardrobe clearance, I recognize what is seriously missing. Since early spring, I also fell in love with the pleated trousers. They just go perfectly with all the basic tops from tanks to jumpers. They are the best friend of sneakers. 

I know almost all brands offer basic pieces, and sometimes, it is difficult to get an idea about its quality and fitting when shopping online. So, I put a few recent purchases of mine below.

I love almost all the pieces I got from Arket, and now wearing them on repeat. It is so easy to throw on any piece of theirs. The only tip I would like to share is the size. I did go for a one size up for their T-shirts for a relax style.

Ginatriot is another rabbit hole, even they are much boutique-like small. I love the way how they offer a big variety of colors for one single type of basic piece. Their basic sweatshirt is sooooooo soft and airy! I also put my hands on their recently-launched gina-lab. It has unisex and sustainable approach.

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