How Italy Feels, August 20

gustobeats blog post_how italy feels august2020

Hey, I cannot believe that we are now in the half-way of 2020’s summer! Yes, and the hottest days of Italy. When last year, we were told “it’s such a hot year, next summer should be cooler as it’s always “one-year-on-one-year-off”. Now, if you ask me how Italy feels, I cannot think about another word […]

How Italy Feels, July 20

It's too early to enjoy a fig in July I cannot believe that it’s July already!!! Guys, I’ve been back from our 10-day Sicily west coast road trip. It was more than awesome. I’m still posting the tiny part of our Sicily trip on my Instagram, meanwhile, uploading more with the full story here.   I guess you’ve already known that we have two […]

How Rome and Italy Feel, June 20

gustobeats how rome and italy feel from my visual diary june 2020 with the beautiful flowers in Villa Borghese in Rome Hey, how are you? It’s been quite a while since my last MOTW update. I’m coming back this weekend, with some of the best and meaningful moments of Rome and Italy. I have this idea to create a simple visual diary, to show you my Rome life and some awesome hidden places in Italy […]

Mood Of The Week #16: Music

music is a new way how we keep our social connection while in social distancing and sharing a few best Italian music moments

Music, is such a way to produce beauty, harmony, and expression of emotion. In this special period of time, I want to add my own definition. Music is a new way how we keep our social connection while in our social distancing. Personally, I do love talking to my Alexa during lunch and dinner, and […]

Mood Of The Week #11: Social Distancing

weekly note about the current coronavirus thoughts and the positive thinking in social distancing period

Social Distancing: The practice to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease and right now we all know that I’m talking about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Hi everyone, I’m back here to talk about what’s happened and what are my thoughts and gains last week. If you are new to my blog, this is […]

Mood Of The Week #10: Creation

the beautiful sunrise in rome with blue sky slowly transforming to orange color

Creation, the action or process of bringing something into existence. Happy New Week! I’m back again and last week’s keyword is Creation. You got me right. I’ve created something new last week, to be specific, it happened at the weekend. Of course, the idea didn’t come in only two days. I’ve inspired by the people […]

Mood Of The Week #9: Alcohol

only wine and water are your proper options for lunch and dinner but wine is not for a pizza night

Alcohol, the buffer between reality and a good night. It has been known to make people more attractive and make obviously stupid ideas seem like good sense. Hi hi, it’s me. Happy Monday and happy (past) weekend! I’ve been quiet in Rome last week. Why? Corona Virus? Nahhh. Don’t panic. I’ve been working hard on […]

Mood Of The Week #8: Satisfaction

last week big satisfaction is the unexpected paris weekend trip for valentine

Satisfaction is the fulfilment of your wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. Blue Happy Monday!  How is your weekend? This week, I’ve got so many things to share with you. Right now, I feel a bit overwhelming as I’m catching up the delayed projects and works from the weekend’s unexpected “laziness”. […]

Mood Of The Week #7: Redefine

the golden lights near sunset in rome's winter

Redefine, is a transitive verb which means to reexamine or reevaluate. I choose this word to summarize this week because I’ve felt it deeply. I made a couple of redefinition practices for my blog, my lifestyle and the ideas in my mind. Writing this lifestyle blog, makes me discover and understand more about myself. It’s […]

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