I caught the chance

maritozzo and other pastries by Regoli in Esquilino in Rome

Hey, how are you? I’m glad that I could find some time to sit down and talk to you here. I really want to make my blog a causal and relax “chat-box”. My goal is to talk – Yes, I am probably getting too much influence by the Italians. Talking becomes more and more important, […]

How Italy feels, September 20

the best way to know how italy feels is not the big cities but the raw countryside of Italy

https://www.gustobeats.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/how-italy-feels-september-20.mp4 Isn’t it amazing? On the last day of August, we had a full rainy day, and the temperature dropped below 20 degrees in Rome! Mother Nature is telling us, “if you haven’t enjoyed much this summer, be hurry because I’m going to change the season soon.” Earlier last month, we had a quick trip […]

Simple Italian Summer Recipes for A Week

simple spaghetti with tomato sauce even my cat loves

I always want to share our very normal Italian home-kitchen with you. Thinking the beauty of this blog is not only showing you beautiful places in Rome and Italy but also sending you practical ideas of living like an Italian. So, I came along with this idea – 7 Italian summer recipes. They are exactly […]

How to throw the best Italian themed dinner party

an italian themed dinner party needs a table covered fully by different snacks and food

It’s officially summer in Rome, and similar to Trapani that we’ve just been back, people here are only willing to hang out when the sun is set. Or, to catch up with friends, many start to host dinner at home or weekend garden party. Summer is the season for eating, drinking, and gathering with friends. […]

This Is More Than Just An Aperol Spritz Recipe

have a big glass of homemade aperol spritz on the rooftop when it is a lovely sunny weekend during lockdown

Last weekend we’ve spent both mornings on our rooftop, drunk a bit, did some yoga, and got some tan. I specially made a glass of Aperol Spritz for myself, because it’s just a perfect Italian cocktail for a perfect day! Heavily influenced by the Italians, Spritz has become my first choice if I’m not drinking […]

The Classic Italian Cocktails And Their Cities

one of the most classic italian cocktails is negorni with only 3 ingredients campari vermouth and gin

We are approaching the weekend again! Lovely, isn’t it? Weekends (starting from Friday), to most of the Italians, means “party”. The youngers go for hardcore parties, while more Italians prefer a friend or family gathering. However, no matter teenagers or working class, Friday early night is always a good idea for some drinks. Let’s specify, […]

La Bella Figure, How To Dress Like An Italian Beauty?

the beautiful italian girls and boys getting ready on a vespa ride

Hey, it’s the Week 3 of Quarantine in Rome here. How are you? I’ve been taking a break to think about the topics for my blog. If you are following a couple of bloggers/travel bloggers, you might have noticed the big change of the topics recently. Now, we are seeing more home productivity and self-care […]

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