A Few Books For The Coming Holiday Season

a snap of my bedside table with some books and some essentials for the night

Hey, this is the holiday season now. Are you staying cozy? I want to talk about a few books today with you because it’s been a while since I updated my Book Page last time. Also, I and Luigi are waiting for the official news about the Christmas and New Year arrangement in Rome (and […]

9 Best Books About Rome

gustobeats blog post about 9 best books about rome including fictions set in ancient Rome and history books

Today, let’s talk about books. I mean, firstly, the best books about Rome, but not a travel guide book. Moving to Italy means many things to me. The biggest one is lifestyle change. Living in Asia, I’ve even no time for an audiobook or a 15-minute podcast. I’ve spent nearly 10 months communing between Orte […]

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