Gustobeats is a lifestyle blog about my life in Rome, cultures, and travels.

I write a lot about Rome with a passion for ancient Roman history, art and Italian culture. As an expat Roman, I want to show the best but true side of Rome to you. I don’t intentionally make this blog a travel site. I want to share personal things, stories, and thoughts with you. One of my biggest hobbies, is culture, AKA, Italian lifestyle. It’s been fascinating to me always. 

Now, I’m trying to slowly transfer it to a true Italiano/mediterranea lifestyle blog. I can freely share how I live with the local community and enjoy the sun, olives, wine and people here.

Let’s start with some resources I’ve put up.

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Free Spotify Playlists To Enjoy Everywhere

gustobeats free spotify playlist of the 50s to 60s classic Italian songs

Vecchie Italiane

As a lover of Italian lifestyle, this is the first playlist I've made for myself. It's all about the 50s Italian songs or even earlier. Don't blame me it's too old.

gustobeats free spotify playlist of the most classic in English, Italian, Spanish and French for an international chilled night and remember to pull a glass of wine for yourself

Wine Night

One of my top favorite when it is a lazy day or a relaxing night. I'd like to pull a glass of wine for myself and enjoy the ME-moments with this playlist.

gustobeats free spotify playlist of the international pop songs of gustobeats for a chilled weekend or any good vibes

Repeat Daily

My Sunday list, literally, as I feel the need to come back to the POP reality, but not compromising a good mood to feel chilled.

gustobeats free spotify playlist of all the latest italian pop songs and a deep taste of latino italian music style

Pizza Party

All Italian POP songs those you will hear them quite often in an Italian road trip. So get your pizza ready, let's do an Italian party!

gustobeats free spotify playlist of the latest latino hit songs for a perfect summer party

Summer Latino

What makes me feel hotter than the hottest summer? A playlist like this, full of Latino hits.

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