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Make Money With Your Visual Content

An idea for our community

A project about photography, art, and home deco

Here you are – beautiful, creative, hardworking girls, we are working on a project for creating, marketing, and selling Art Prints online.

The initial idea comes from my travel blogger and kick-ass girlboss communities.

We are a group of creative and hardworking girls and we create rich content on a daily base! It is a tough battle, and we need to pay our bills as well.

So, why not collaborate?

MWC Studio’s purpose is

to collaborate with visual content creator for transforming our work into Art Prints, and sell them to 

home-deco hunters, photography lovers, and who share the same value of being a girlboss.

So, what we gonna do?


You create stunning visual content

(photos, images, drawings…)

and share it with us


MWC Studio transforms it

into aesthetic Art Print,

market it, and sell it online


We share the fruits of more $, more audience, and more engagement.

If you are in, send your contact below

We will get back to you with more details.

You like the idea? You know someone is THE ONE? I need your help to share with her and more girls!

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Menty & Luigi

This is a pre-launching page of MWC Studio hosted under Gustobeats. All data collected here will be protected. No spam, only good idea!

Our website, eshops and social medias will come soon.

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