40 hours in Porto city center

egg tart and Porto

40 hours in Porto city center, probably it is 36, instead, as we crashed on our hotel bed like a baby on the only full day. I must specify the term “Porto city center” because I’m pretty sure the city has much more to offer for a tourist. Walking up-and-down in Porto, turning right, you […]

A sip of Portugal wine in Douro Valley

quinta da pacheca for sipping Portugal wine in Douro valley

The feeling of sipping Portugal wine in Douro valley is like? One second, I am admiring the greenish vines rooted on the steep slopes of Douro terraces. Next second, the beautiful scents of oak wood, wine, and dried fruits sneaks into my brain when I am under the browny-and-orange hues of cellar lights and barrel […]

Cul De Sac Rome

precious wine collection at cul de sac in Rome

Do you know what is “Cul de Sac”? Sitting with my Spanish friend inside Enoteca Cul de Sac Rome, she suddenly asked. “Cul de Sac” literally means a lane or street that will lead you to nowhere, a “dead end”, explained by my friend. “Funny thing is, this is Catalonia slang, which has nothing to do with […]

Cacio e Pepe alla Romana

cacio e pepe alla romana from Da Bucatino in Testaccio in Rome

Ciao, my friends! As promised, I’m back here and want to talk about Cacio e Pepe alla Romana with you this weekend. I don’t know Cacio e Pepe until I put my feet on those little square shape “San Pietrini” in Rome. Surprisingly, over the growing time I’ve spent living here in Rome, I found that […]

House Project 1.0: Abandoned Italian Villas for Sale?

the doors of the farmhouse in italy

If you have your eyes on Italy, probably, you have heard the news about the €1 house in Italy. Discussion around the abandoned Italian villas for sale never ends. I and Luigi set our feet on the way towards being a house owner. I can never imagine there are so many things to learn before […]

Spring/Summer basics

white and beige basic tank top and pleated trousers are a part of the wardrobe basic checklist for this spring and summer

Hey, another weekend, how are you? Today, I want to chat with you about the wardrobe basics checklist for this spring/summer. I always have a “fever” to Scandinavian minimalism/basic-wearing style. Sorry, not the traditional Italian style in general, as it doesn’t fit me who has no pale skin tone, nor with the matching body shape. […]

I caught the chance

maritozzo and other pastries by Regoli in Esquilino in Rome

Hey, how are you? I’m glad that I could find some time to sit down and talk to you here. I really want to make my blog a causal and relax “chat-box”. My goal is to talk – Yes, I am probably getting too much influence by the Italians. Talking becomes more and more important, […]

Paris city walks

typical Paris buildings and local neighborhoods outside city center

It’s been a long while since I paused my writing here. There are many reasons, but I guess my mood and goals were just affected by the work and the current life in Italy. Over the weekend, the news said from around the end of April, restaurants, and bars would reopen in yellow and orange […]

How To Cook Artichokes Like An Italian

The Easiest of all Italian artichoke recipes to try at home

Springtime! The Italians always cook and eat as the season moves on. We do, too. I’m so glad to receive many requests after my Instagram story about cooking Italian artichokes (“Carciofi”). So, I decided to share the easiest of all Italian artichoke recipes to try at home. First of all, if you don’t know what […]

Crunchy Homemade Granola with Oats

crunchy homemade granola with oats directly from my pantry and everything on hand

Ok, I promise a recipe for my weekend homemade granola with oats. Here I am. I have to admit that Luigi doesn’t love my first try, but he loves my last try. I guess the difference is the crunchiness. We used to and still stock up a couple of boxes of granola and cereals for […]

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