I like to keep a few books on my bed-side table and pick one when I feel reading it the other day

Hey, this is the holiday season now. Are you staying cozy? I want to talk about a few books today with you because it’s been a while since I updated my Book Page last time. Also, I and Luigi are waiting for the official news about the Christmas and New Year arrangement in Rome (and Italy). We have only rumor so far, but I am preparing myself for a gathering-free holiday with Luigi, my cats, and books.

I have been reading quite a lot this year, mostly in the nights. Normally I would light up a couple of candles, scented or not, it really doesn’t matter. The idea is to relax and “detox” from the digital world. Meanwhile, I can stay clam and focus, and dive into another world.

Books are really amazing, because they make me travel not only across the countries, but beyond the limitation of time. They make me live in many different lives, especially I will never compromise as the character for his/her kind of stories.

I am not addicted to reading, nor stress myself with a daily reading routine. Most of the time, I just go with the feeling. However, once I start a new book, it’s really difficult for me not to finish it as soon as possible, especially when it is a novel – a good novel. That’s the way how I “travel” this year from home. Books are really amazing, because they make me travel not only across the countries, but beyond the limitation of time. They make me live in many different lives, especially I will never compromise as the character for his/her kind of stories.

History novel is the type of novel naturally draws me in. I don’t know why, somehow, I would believe the characters in the book more than the same ones in the real history (if the history is real…). The Florios of Sicily is probably the best read for me recently. I have even felt closer to the characters and the city, Palermo and Tonnara because I and Luigi did travel twice to Sicily this year – luckily. The book covers three generation of Florios. It is written very differently as the Italian history and background, and I love this not-the-kind-of-hollywood-drama story.

Another reason that I always keep some books with me, is they are a very good “excuse” to give me peace and make me a brighter version of myself. I have my eyes on The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck for a very long time until our last trip to London. Finally I bought it in the airport (always buy a few books as souvenirs for myself in a trip even I can get one from Amazon)! I start a few chapters these nights. It just makes me laugh – loudly – sorry, neighbors, I know it is after midnight. Mark (the author) makes me feel not only brighter and sharper instantly, but also really released. Same magic comes from a few more books like Elizabeth Gilbet’s The Big Magic and Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.

I love to keep my books close to my pillow and they really keep the best night time for me
Loki is sweet and always come to me when we are all settled for the night reading and sleep
I always have a long book wishlist and I am not that picky about books.
However, if you do have trouble choosing a nice one. These are a few bookclub and accounts I’m following for recommendations.
Goop Book Club is on my top list. I tend to search for something more out-of-the-box / non-trendy there. I didn’t join their bookclub Facebook group but I do sign up for Goop’s newsletter – I’mkind of an old-fashion email-personReese’s Book Club is another one – another bookclub endorsed by the female celebrity-turned-to-entrepreneur. Honestly, I don’t follow their book recommendation straightly, but am only taking reference and choosing according to my interest and mood. 
I’m pretty kind of living on Instagram. So, no wonder that I’m going to mention a few here for the book recommendation. I love Lucy William‘s colorful causal-and-chic-British style, her taste for the interior decor, and of course her book picks (and TVs and movies). When I feel the need, I just jump into her Books/TV insta-story. P.S. Loving her rainbow bookshelf. Polly Florence is another photographer & lifestyle blogger I’m following on Instagram. She has a book session on her blog as well. However, again, I love scrolling down her very polished and vintage-like photography while being inspired by a book or two (maybe).
I hope you enjoy my book ideas. A few books those I have finished recently and am reading now are listed below. If you want to explore a bit more, you can check out my “Book” session here.

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