spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - rewarded with margarita

Guys, we’ve been challenged everyday in our work, study, and relationships! Today I’m going to share with you a “pleasing” challenge that I had just few weeks ago in one of the very rare Latin restaurant & bars in Hong Kong. (yes, you got me, today’s HK topic)

I’ve been invited by the very lovely Picada girl for their Tuesday Taco Challenge – “Man VS Mariachi Challenge- Spicy, Spicy, Spicy”! It’s actually my virgin food challenge in my life, which luckily I and my friend don’t need to fight with stomach ability – instead, we fight with my tongue and spirit (“bitter smile”)! You can freely join the taco challenge by pointing one your preferred taco type but with the secret hot chili sauce by Picada. You’ve got 5 minutes to finish only one regulate size taco, however, no water but only tequila shot would be your life-saver in that long 5 minutes. Wait, you are thinking like what I was doing at that instant moment right? It’s about strategy and timing! As you think, if you finish too fast and early, you gonna “enjoy” the whole period when the hot sauce turns your full mouth to an active volcano mouth!! I don’t know my trick is all right or not, but I gonna say, to choose a taco type with more beans and rice would be better than others? Carbs kill the spice right?

If you ask me whether I start from the first minute, yes… I just did! It’s all about exciting atmosphere from others, you know! They start, you start too, whatever the strategy. If you ask me whether I took tequila, yes again, I cannot wait to take it, at least it’s room temperature from a room with AC on all the time right?! If you ask me whether it’s really spicy, well yes and no, it all depends on how spicy you can handle and your daily diet. I’m Chinese loving Sichuan food, my friend is Indian, and all other guys are from South American, so we don’t need to struggle too much.

Ok, you gonna ask me what’s this for, for fun? for self-challenging? Both, and also I and my friend were rewarded with a free glass of margarita (or any other drinks you would like). So, margarita-lovers, go ahead!

// 我们的每一日都面临着层次不同的挑战,工作上的,学习上的,还有熟人生人之间的。今天就跟大家来分享一下我最近接受的挑战,不过我好乐观主义,就算是挑战也要新鲜好玩!

几个星期前受邀在香港的一家全港也少有的拉丁美洲特色餐厅Picada尝试她们家的星期二Taco挑战夜 –“Man VS Mariachi Challenge- Spicy, Spicy, Spicy”!其实这可是我人生中第一次正儿八经的美食类挑战,也算是把处女经验给Picada了,好在挑战不在于食量,在于味蕾的承受力和你的意志力(苦笑一几)。当晚的客人都可以免费参加这个Taco挑战,每人可选一款自己偏好的Taco,但统一的都会被加入特制的辣椒酱(用的可是人手调制的正宗南美辣椒),比赛持续五分钟,期间需要吃完一个这样加料过的”Taco,且五分钟之内不能碰水,只有面前的tequila短饮给你解燃眉之急也不知道是不是火上浇油呢!……你是不是跟我当初一样,盘算着一样的问题呢,这挑战的不只是能不能吃辣,更是策略和对时机的掌握!何解?吃得太早,剩下来的五分钟就只能要么和变成火山口的嘴巴单干,要么跟同样强大的tequila对干!好在她们家的Taco也有的选,多些豆子和谷物类的Taco吃起来比较好受点,淀粉类始终还是很能扛得住辣的!


spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - tacos

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - champagne free flow

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - paella

I actually have been to this restaurant many times from their opening party, to the Latin, Salsa and Bachata lessons on weekday evenings, and now a serious candle dinner! Event, is always an attraction of Picada, not only classes that they run on a regular base, they also have Green Mondays, weekend brunch, Asado Sundays with live music and Argentinian steak and the lovely Tuesday Taco Challenge(HKD$280 +$100 for free flow beer). Different from fine dining, it’s more casual with comfort food options, of course more Spanish-Mexican food. I really love tacos and their many options, especially Tuesday as not only the taco challenge day, but also free-flow taco day. Beef, chicken, fish, mushroom – I love them all! The twisted green paella is also amazing with a rich and balanced taste of seafood and sweetness! They also have grilled salmon, screwers, to name a few…

This place is always full of happiness, energy and passion, just like Latin music – we cannot get rid of Despacito!

// Picada从之前的小小拉丁酒吧升级为现在的餐厅加酒吧的形式,一路都有不少狠狠忠实的粉丝,若要在香港找一间够格的拉丁风情酒吧,Picada一定在候选单上。记得她们家的grand opening也是相当精彩,现场DJ演奏各种remix拉丁舞曲,当晚更是full house平日里的每一天也有不一样的活动,之前也有参加过她们家工作日晚的Latin/Salsa/Bachata课程,虽然只是比划比划,但也挺有意思。据说每周一还是她们家的Green Mondays,素食和Gluten Free菜单也让人选不完。每周末的早午餐以拉丁美食为主,周日的Asado Sundays从6-8点现场音乐不停,伴随着的是阿根廷style牛排每周二的Taco Challenge(HKD$280 +$100 for free flow beer),当然Tacofree-flow的了,选择上也有牛肉、鸡肉、鱼肉和素食等不同的选择, 基本上我都挺喜欢。另外也要推荐尝试她们的绿色paella(西班牙饭),吃起来特别鲜甜,肉食动物的拉丁一族,也少不了各种烧烤美食,烤三文鱼、串串之类,当晚我是吃够了!


spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - grills

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong

spicy taco challenge with Picada Hong Kong - churros


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