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Summer is gone in some places, and we are also counting down the autumn in Asia, however we know our autumn can be so short, that we are living in our sandals (or slippers?) today, and suddenly we pull out our UGG from the very bottom of our storage boxes.

Obviously we have way more time to live in sandals event it’s officially autumn on calendar. I like choosing that kind of “every-occasion” sandals can “walk” me from day to night, from meeting to party. To achieve this goal, my go-to sandals usually are basic colours, and classic timeless styles, that go well with jeans and cocktail dresses. Comfortable is also another critical criteria for me, as you can imagine I am living in Hong Kong and travel to Italy quite often – a city has so many slopes and a country is basically built on thousands of cobble streets. I am not against the high heels but it’s so difficult for me to find those best shoe brands, which have the consistent shoe designs and fit my feet perfectly (I will write those brands later below). Thanks to the big trend of block heels (middle heel) these years, I guess so far my requirements are met, but of course I can always go to flats!

Voila, we have the excuse to store one more pair of sandals right! I have to share these sandals which are basically adopted by all fashion bloggers that I have been following for a long time.

// 欧洲的一些地方已经是穿上薄毛衣的秋天了而我们还过着亚洲的夏天,倒数着秋天的来临,更可悲的是亚洲的秋天短到几乎可以忽略不计。前一天还穿着凉鞋(或者拖鞋),后一天就能让你狼狈地在衣柜最深处挖那双UGG出来!

显然,我们跟凉鞋的缘分还将继续一段时间。我总喜欢挑一些实用性比较高的凉鞋款式和颜色,通俗点来说就是,一对什么场合都能穿的凉鞋,可以从早到晚、从见客会议下班后的酒吧小酌!穿的舒服是另外一个相当重要的挑鞋标准,就算是平底鞋甚至拖鞋都不例外!想象一下生活在类似香港这样建在斜坡上的城市,又或者是被几十年甚至百年历史的石板街铺出来的欧洲城镇,并不是说不推荐每天优雅的在高跟鞋上行走,只是要找到完全契合自己的脚型又具备相当稳定的鞋楦子质量的品牌实在不容易(我会在最下面把我彻底收了的牌子写给大家),谢天谢地,近几年流行的 block heels 算是救了大部分像我一样对鞋很挑剔的额人了,当然,我们还有平底鞋和板鞋!




Pants, jeans, dresses and skirts, this is really my so-called “every-occastion” design!

summer-sandals-low-heel-chloePhoto by @lifeofboheme

summer-sandals-low-heel-chloe-songofstylePhoto by @songofstyle 

Chloé Multi-strap block-heel sandals (USD$432 | sold out) or cheaper version from Senso here and here (USD$232)

summer-sandal-middle-heel-sensoPhoto by @chiaraferragni @theblondesalad @michelletakeaim

Senso Robbie VII sandals co-designed with The Blonde Salad here (€91) or Senso Robbie IV sandals here (AU$220)


Flats (Slippers)

The most casual but luxury classic for your last vacation in this summer! Pairing it with your floral or stripe dresses with those basic colours, or a pair of good jeans with a sharp or metalic one.


Photo by @darjabarannik@sincerelyjules 

Hermes Oran sandals here (USD$680)



Something that goes very well with mom jeans, skinny boyfriend and sportive pants for a fashionable twist, and always the best choice for your LBD!

summer-sandal-high-heel-senso-pepamackPhoto by @pepamack 

Senso Tyra sandals here (USD$160)


The brands own my loyalty are:

Hope you enjoy this little sharing today!


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