My friends always turn to me for restaurant recommendation simply they think as a blogger, I know everything about food, however, I do have “headache” when I need to list out a few. Time is my biggest enemy as I don’t really have chances to try out all the restaurants, not even mentioning those up-coming new babes in town. Somehow, I get connected with guys from FeedMeGuru, and somehow, their business transformation save me. So what is that?

FeedMeGuru is an online restaurant booking platform – partially, more important, they exclusively offer the tasting menu for everyone. A while ago, I had a drink with one of their founders, Dominic, who told me that all the tasting menu has been created, modified, and adjusted with chefs and the direct feedback from food bloggers and from restaurants. People from FeedMeGuru always try to “press down” the pricing without compromise the quality and the potion, and what I appreciate the most is, they work hard to correct the definition of “tasting menu” in most local’s mind, as I consider it always as a premium and seasonal or unique offering from a restaurant, rather than something cheap and with low quality. I think it’s a perfect idea even for short-stay travellers,

  • browse plenty of the most hit restaurants in town in one place (even through their app),
  • review and insights from the famous bloggers and local medias,
  • tasting menu with a clear pricing, pre-paid online booking even sometimes with a special discount,

Would you agree?

In early July, I was back from long trip in Italy as you could find my memories from here, and I am desperately looking for the chance to go back to Hong Kong’s crew. FeedMeGuru showed up and I was so happy to be one of the pioneer opinion contributors to their new campaign with Lan Kwai Fong Group – LKF Summer Vibes, which 17 famous restaurants in LKF creates their own type of beer-infused summer tasting menus. The culinary style covers Thai, American, Spanish and more. I have tried 5 out of those 17 restaurants, which all of them impressed me in a different way, so that I can share with you here.



  • 通过阅读知名美食博主和中外媒体的预赏评论,找到最适合自己的餐厅
  • 已经预设好的菜单、价格,一清二楚
  • 网上预订及提前支付方便简单,有时候还有一些额外折扣






The stylish-est British having Spanish tapas from tropical rainforest to lounge in London – FOR A FASHION NIGHT

Probably one of my favourites as it impressed me by its beautiful tropical terrace and the instant style change into the most classic lounge, just like the time machine. It’s a British style lounge however serving tapas during dinner as well. Chef Daniel creates the amazing SPANISH OCTOPUS COOKED IN SPANISH BEER and BEER-BRINED CHICKEN WINGS TEMPURA, definitely my best love. How sexy a normal chicken wing could be if it’s stuffed with prawns, mushrooms and zucchini!

feedmeguru-lkfsummervibe-cassio-4 feedmeguru-lkfsummervibe-cassio-2


估摸着这一家在我心里排第一了,很喜欢他们细心布置的热带雨林露台,悠悠的很适合夏日主题,只是一步之遥就好像穿越一般,场景切换到伦敦小酒吧,除了经典还是经典,吃得确是少有点不搭调的西班牙小食Tapaswho cares! 大厨Daniel的创造力让人信服,最好吃莫过于SPANISH OCTOPUS COOKED IN SPANISH BEERBEER-BRINED CHICKEN WINGS TEMPURA,鸡翼拆骨填上鲜虾、蘑菇和翠玉瓜,脆脆的有多汁,是要有多sexy


2/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


The biggest tasting potion ever with your rock and roll soul – FOR BURGER LOVER & BIG STOMACH

We were absolutely “scared” that early night when we were presented by a table of juicy wings, crispy chips, beautiful burgers and killing brownies – too excited and feeling spoiled like a child, I forgot the beer-infused cocktails. My love to their GUINNESS BACON CHEESEBURGER is obvious. It tastes juicy, meaty, cheesy and greasy – it does what a burger should do.



当晚的盛景堪称空前,鸡翼、薯条、牛肉芝士汉堡、布朗尼,每一碟都是硬在桌上挤出位置来的,开餐前眼睛就已经吃饱了,过分兴奋之余竟然连见缝插针的啤酒特色鸡尾酒都忘了。最爱整个菜单里的主角,GUINNESS BACON CHEESEBURGER,牛肉扒做到外焦脆内粉嫩多汁、选用的芝士和配上的酱料微微点缀又不会抢过牛肉的原汁原味,做到一个汉堡该有的特质,简简单单便满足了我的基本要求。

Hard Rock Cafe

LG/F, LKF Tower, 55 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong


The meat-est, to become a ball like those in the pan – FOR MEATBALL LOVER

I like Zafran, and always recommend to my friends even it’s getting a bit less crowded over the years. Sometimes, you just need one or two simple dishes and drinks, you give your full loyalty – Zafran wins mine. I like their low-key dining environment, signature chorizo, and a glass of big gin-tonic. Their tasting menu heavily falls into meatball style dishes – SPICY CATALAN CHURIZO and MEDITERRANEAN MEATBALLS, (even not with a meatball appearance), which you might consider twice if you don’t like heavy, meaty and spicy dinner.


自从第一次造访Zafran以来,我总是把这家有点渐被冷落的西班牙餐厅推荐给朋友们,其实我并没有试过Zafran所有菜色(更何况其营业至今已有几年功夫,大厨都换了几轮),但他们家的几道tapas和特色gin-tonic却是紧紧抓住我的心。这次他们的尝味菜单以出名的肉丸子为主,SPICY CATALAN CHURIZO 是他们家必吃的一道菜,而 MEDITERRANEAN MEATBALLS 口感风格略有不同。这份菜单可算见仁见智了,如果你不介意一整晚从肉丸+类肉丸的搭配,大可一试。


Basement, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


The pinkest journey, perfect for a cheap day – FOR RIB AND WITH A PINK PREFERENCE

My fellow blogger friends told me, people come back to this restaurant for their ribs as the quality is always equally good – one of the most valuable criteria for a restaurant to maintain long life. I was spoiled that night by their super pink SLOW-ROASTED BEER BEEF SHORT RIB – tender, juicy, tasty, and I just continued my bites without touching cheesy spinach – I am greedy!


跟我同桌的几位美食博主跟我说很多人吃了这家店的ribs,都会选择再回来!Westwood的性价比实在深得人心,招牌SLOW-ROASTED BEER BEEF SHORT RIB,焦糖色的外皮切开还是鲜粉红色的,大块肋骨也是大快朵颐的肉感十足,肉质烤的外焦内软熟,肉味夹着汁水,丰富整个口腔,让人吃得满足,又不觉得油腻腻的,再配上公道的价钱,怪不得回头客频频!配餐的芝士菠菜也很好吃,只是好邪恶!

Westwood Carvery

G/F, 2 Wo On Lane, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong


The coolest night with some familiar Thai taste – FOR LAMB CHOP LOVER WITH A THAI TWIST

I was actually surprised that they created PAD PIGTHAI DUM KEA YANG – Grilled Australian lamb chops marinated in Chang beer, tasted very good. I’m not a anti-lamb foodie but I don’t feel any unpleasant taste that most of anti-lamb people hate. Talking about the dish, I simply enjoyed the tenderness and tasty sauce – doesn’t really care about the beer as it’s really really mild.





35 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

It is almost the end of this summer campaign (till early September). If you are going to try any above restaurants or another 12, check out their campaign page for all tasting menu and prices. Don’t forget to use my code “GustobeatsBeer” for $80 off on your booking directly.


Special thank to FeedMeGuru and LKF Group for this wonderful summer feast!

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