Endless countryside, is the conclusion of my trips to Italy in these years, probably because my Italian baby is too much down-to-the-earth, and he always prefers the places where ask for hours of driving in the snake-crawling mountains. Until now I still haven’t touched the Italian sea (Pescada doesn’t count). This year, this lovely Italian countryside did a great job to impress me. We drove all the way from Montefiascone to Cortona, in Arezzo region. I was amazed during the drive into the deepest countryside of Cortona. It is literally a drive all surrounded by human-tall grasses and flowers, even some of them in such bold colours touching our car doors!


Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_

Into the mountain, it is the amazing villa of Il Falconiere – a Tuscany-style resort. We parked right in front of the grape yard, which is a world of nature and green. The land is owned by Baracchi family since almost 600 years ago, and now it’s run by Mr. Riccardo Baracchi and his wife and Michelin Chef, Ms. Silvia Bracchi, who hosted us that day.

Our casual walk tour starts from Michelin restaurant to residence area, the winery and hidden garden with swimming pool. We got the chance to see the symbol of Il Falconiere – Falcon, from a distance, while the big bird “was” supervising everything on this land. The restaurant is build attached to the hill, so you can find the entry from both upstairs and downstairs. A glass house design gives the reception area extra natural lights and shades and we found very interesting books about Tuscany cuisine and Baracchi wine history. The big window that let you see through from the indoor dining area is one of my favourites, however, if you step into their terrace, you will just be so shocked like me. It’s the perfect place for wedding or romantic sunset dinner, with a 180 degree view of the Cortona green lands as well as the white stone town on the hill. We had a tasting menu for lunch which was inspired by Tuscany traditional cuisine and using the fresh and natural ingredients from the region including our lovely summer black truffle! The special pappardella-look pasta stuffed with meat and cheese made me forget everything about carb and fat. I just wish to live in this pasta heaven in my whole life.

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_vineyard

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_the resting eagle

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_entry of michelin restaurant

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_view from michelin restaurant Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_seethrough michelin restaurant

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_michelinstar lunch pasta Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_mechilinstar lunch appetizer

About Baracchi wine, they grow and own their grapes in their land, and those grapes are not only made for wine, but also for top-quality prosecco and very precious Vinsanto. This is a true heaven for alcoholic! Even their basic white wine has been selected by sommeliers in Hong Kong. However, I was more amazed by their special prosecco which is the first-ever top quality in Italy by adopting the Champagne making skills. All the prosecco are aged in bottles and then in the cellar. After lines of beautiful prosecco bottles, there lie bottles of precious Vinsanto, which we also tried as the dessert wine at the end of our lunch. It tastes similar to Ice Wine, but more intense and less sweet. The top quality one has the clear-to-almost-transparent color and makes you feel nothing about alcohol but enjoyment. Ladies, it’s definitely a dangerous wine to get you some trouble easily! In Tuscany region, Vinsanto is a kitchen treasure that only guests will be presented by Italian Mama, and just a small glass. I’ve also tried Vinsanto several times in Siena, which I immediately feel what means different quality. Interestingly, Siena people also love to drink Vinsanto with biscuits, like what we do with Oreo and milk. How cute those people are! (Well, actually Italian people told me how crazy Siena people are, which I won’t disagree – read my unique Siena experience in last year, here)

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_the amazing highend italian prosecco

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_prosecco lab

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_aging room of baracchi cellar

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_wine stock

The whole tour experience will not become unforgettable if the Cortona green land and mountains are not there as the most breath-taking background. The endless green olive tree field is seamlessly connected with those young grapes which in the coming late September or early October, will be hand picked and transformed into bottles of “God Liquid” by the magical hands of winemakers. Il Falconiere is officially entering into its yearly peak season since every late May. In the whole summer not only Italians but also guests from all over the world would come to this beautiful place by all means (land in a luxury way by helicopter) and spend their unique summer in this place with beautiful food, wine and people here. I just cannot imagine how wonderful it could be to lie near that little swimming pool under this Tuscany sun in the near future!

I don’t really check the pricing of Il Falconiere and I know in the peak season the rate changes from time to time. If you are interested to include this place into your coming summer vacation, you can check out their website or Facebook or I am always glad to provide more personal tips if you would like to ask me directly. However this is not a sponsor or ad post – All shared by my heart.

See you next time!

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_viewpoint corner

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_cortona old city

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_helicopter park point

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_vineyard and olive trees

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_resort living area

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_garden

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_swimming pool

Baracchi & Il Falconiere resort_garden in baracchi

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