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There are a lot of hauls in the Internet, so I decided to make my own haul today in my blog. I do bought a number of new summer items, especially those lovely swimwears from ASOS, however, I would like to share with you another time. My haul today is all about food in Hong Kong, and probably a little summer food guide for you if you are like me, hanging out around Hong Kong Island quite often.

nice italian restaurant pici hong kong

serious italian food parppedella

serious italian food orecchiette

nice new italian restaurant pici hong kong

For serious lunch!!!

I am a coffee person, absolutely, but I am also a food monster, if it comes to my favorite food. Among so many food options, I reserved the space in my heart for Italian, Spanish and Chinese cuisine always! ALWAYS! You have no idea how much I love pizza and pasta, tiramisu and all traditional Italian bites like cantuccini and cannoli, well, if espresso can be counted as snack as well 😀

Pici is the new Italian pasta bar in Wanchai (Star Street) area, which I have two failure experience to it. I was wanting to try it at the first time I saw its opening news, while it was closed on a random Sunday when I brought a group of friends, and it was too packed when I brought my girl friends in another random workday noon. Finally I’ve got my little seat facing the quiet street fully occupied by the lovely sunshine during Easter holiday. We ordered a bunch of food since we were quite greedy and wanted to try everything. Pici, basically is a pasta bar with all handmade and authentic cooking. I love their recommended Orecchiette with tomato sauce very much!!!! Just chew those lovely al dente pasta non-stop! The pasta of the day, pappardella with lamp, was impressive as well (considering that I might have chance to trade pappardella from Puglia as well, it’s better for me to try more). The antipesto was less outstanding than pasta, probably I’ve too spoiled by the amazing Mozzarella di Bufala last summer in Italy and “hundreds” of prosciutto slices.

Pici Hong Kong

GF, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong

comfort food with nachos in coffee academy

For casual late lunch / afternoon tea

The other day I caught up with my girl friend and of course, again, around my neighbourhood. I was kind of lucky that there are more and more interesting restaurants and cafes popping up in Wanchai, however, there is always one or two places those you know they won’t let you down if you don’t have any ideal place to explore.

Here I had my safe option of cafes in Wanchai – The Coffee Academy. Yes, you will shout that it’s a chain cafe brand! Well, who said chain business couldn’t be boutique and serious? They even offer coffee class! (Well, I never try, it’s the truth) I like the concept of cafe & restaurant concept of it, for they offer a little list of popular food like nachos, pancakes, pizza, pasta as well as Habitu’s lovely cakes and creatives coffees. I ordered nachos for myself that afternoon, well, I admit that I prefer those hot and crispy nachos with heavy malting cheese from Lockhart Road (I mean those Mexico bars), this light version was not a bad option for a comfort afternoon and it didn’t go too wrong with a glass of havana iced coffee 🙂

The Coffee Academy

35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

For tea break!

Living in Hong Kong, you never find yourself in a safe zone without sugar attraction! Nothing will go wrong if you go for sweets in your tea breaks.

I’ve recently rated those two dessert shops even they are totally different in its concept and style. The first one is Cedele in Fashion Walk Food Street, Causeway Bay. The first time for me to know Cedele’s cakes were back to almost 2 years ago, when they just entered into Hong Kong market, and I was absolutely seduced by their cakes with the irresistible looking, and I’ve tried their cakes and other desserts from a la carte menu, to be honestly, never let me down (at least as to my personal taste). Oops, this is a very high comment. I ordered red velvet cake with a lovely dry rose on the top while my girl friend ordered earl grey cheese cake. Actually we love the ice latte the most as we were too thirsty, but then personally I love cheese cake for it’s just that creamy and cheesy as what I love all the time! My velvet cake is also not bad, the touch of cheese flavor is well balanced with the sweetness, but just my friend said, “your red velvet cake doesn’t look like that velvet-red!” Probably it’s malted in this too-hot day. Second recommendation from me is this Hong Kong twisted gelato and dessert shop, The Petite House, with a very cute and cool polar bear logo. It’s under Gaia group, so you roughly know the standard right? I’ve heart from their staff that they hired an Italian gelato master to create gelato liquid in their lab in Hong Kong, and the group invested few gelato making machine and install right in the shop, under the gelato display counter. Every morning, the fresh-made gelato liquid will be shipping from the lab to the shop and the every-day fresh gelato gonna be made on site! What an attitude! I’ve tried the Hong Kong twisted egglette with fresh coconut, taro flavor gelato, mini oreo cookies and wrapped cream. It’s wonderful despite the too big size and the difficulties to eat this huge gelato dessert properly 😀

ice coffee and cakes


Cedele Hong Kong

Shop C, G/F, 58-64 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

hongkong style dessert with italian gelato

hongkong style dessert shop

The Petite House

Shop S1-S2, G/F, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Kiosk 3/F, Times Square, Causeway Bay, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Hope you enjoy this little food hual! Happy summer!


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