A lot of things going on this month, and most of them relates to my business which brings me a lot of excitement as well as stress, as usual, doing business means making deal with different people, and it is always said, the most unpredictable and uncontrollable in this world, is people, because sometimes we even cannot control our own thoughts. Well, I am very happy to live in this city with so many friends around me, and because of the colorful lifestyles and flexible personalities, I find even I start to hang out with and talk to many many new people. People come and people go, this is one of the features of Hong Kong, but you will never feel alone or boring (downside, never too relax all the time). After visiting my client for a while, I’ve caught up with my girl friend in one of most lovely block in Hong Kong Island, Tai Ping Shan Street, where we just walked along the quiet and clean streets but unfortunately found no seats in Teakha. Well, never worry about your next stop in this artistic area where we ended up in this new cafe on Hollywood Road. It’s new to me, but probably not to those professional city foodies. It’s a two-level cafe and restaurant just on the corner and in the late afternoon, the window-door is open where you can just stand in the street, talk to your friend seated in the tea table, and grab your latte in a second. Wonderful!


The weather in this spring-to-summer season is a bit unpredictable in Hong Kong. We’ve got 28 degree the other two days with almost 95% humidity in the air while I found it’s dropped almost 10 degree with dry and cool wind on my way to gym the other early morning. What to wear becomes a major question every morning. I returned to my short black sweater to keep warm and paired with light grey mom jeans which is the new mom jeans collection from Zara. I really like smart casual or even a bit more casual city lady look all the time. Jeans and pointed heels are definitely the rule for this look in my opinion, and I’ve got this Zara white kitten heels the other weekend when I just randomly walked around in Zara with my girl friends. It’s super smart design that you can wear it from office to party with the never-go-wrong white color and comfortable kitten heels. However, I have to say, it doesn’t really fit perfectly to my feet as I do have weird foot size and two feet are in a different size. The elastic design cannot hold my feet well and I have to adjust them all the time, well, I might just leave it open and wear as it were backless heels. Even sexier 😀 I used my new Topshop choker and double necklace to avoid the look became too bold look and it really work well. I love that light grey velvet choker and it’s perfect with a wider design, even leaving more space for me to create new accessory look by overlapping with other necklaces.


The Cafe called Corner Kitchen Cafe on Hollywood Road. The name is literally as its location. It’s two floors while we decided to stay at the ground floor because the upstairs was just too hot and without any fresh air around. The cafe is interesting with small cobble-like floor which is very traditional Hong Kong restaurant style and I love that classic leather sofa in the cafe. They have Happy Hour deal, a piece of cake with a glass of prosecco, sounds super chill right! The best sale cakes they have is cookie cream, pumpkin, red velvet while I think cookie cream tastes too sweet to us and the prosecco turned out to be bubble-less, so I suggest just coffee and probably try another piece of cake.

Corner Kitchen Cafe, 226 Hollywood Road


I will have super nice Easter Holiday plans with gym trainings, nice food, beach BBQ, girl talks and friends visiting Hong Kong. Update next time!


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