I have recently had a discussion on “how you spend the weekend in Hong Kong” with my local friends (girls), and I’ve told that they don’t do crazy parties as what most of the westerners but they do shopping including window shopping, dine-out with friends and plus a long sleep to kill almost half of the weekend time.

I’ve started to think how I spend my weekend normally. If you’ve followed me on my Instagram, you know I gonna mention supermarket shopping and hiking/jogging and probably plus a croissant and a cup of coffee. Recently my regular weekend routine has been “disturbed” a bit because of the working project, well, thanks to that, I’ve got a chance to experience Hongkong-style weekend, which includes shopping and eating.

weekend in hong kong in a good day

The weather in last weekend was extremely awesome and here we were! We’ve hanged out in Fashion Walk area – a comparably less crowded block in Causeway Bay. I actually love Fashion Walk food street a lot and still remember that every-year wine walk. Walk through the whole street till the end, we’ve got a quiet street with the most lovely sun lights. Just cannot control to embrace this beautiful sunny moment and made ourselves some photo memories.

Oh yes, the day after, yes! I mean the same weekend, I’ve arranged myself another dine-out with another group of girls. It’s the weekend topic of shopping and eating right? So, let’s continue it! We went to Mercato on the 8th floor of California Tower in LKF. It’s been a while since I’ve known this name since my last visit to their restaurant at The Bund in Shanghai when I had a family visit in last year. I didn’t have a good impression to their very innovative black truffle pizza with egg in the centre but luckily, we were very impressed by their another innovative pizza that Sunday. It was a spicy pizza with spicy salami, broccoli and house made ricotta (cheese). Originally I love all 3 ingredients – just offered us a little healthier (“fake”) feeling. Talking about the brunch, how can we miss the lovely bread basket which had typical Italian pieces and made me so greedy to ask restaurant staff to refill for us several times. Recently I start to drink Bloody Mary for brunches, I don’t know why, but just really enjoy that strong taste of spice. I’ve checked their website, and found it’s difficult to locate all information you want, especially the menu, so I’ve got their Facebook link for you here.

To talk about my weekend outfits, it really depends on the decision at the last second before I step out my bedroom, but as usual I don’t make my hair (coz I don’t have a curler or other hair tool). That Saturday I was in my full denim look while hanging out for a coffee (at the end turned out to be an early dinner with beef & cheese sandwich and chicken wings). I have my recent favorite and very proud H&M finding – girlfriend jeans. Hong Kong’s spring season, sometimes, just drive you crazy, coz it can be humid and hot one day, and super dry and chill the other day. So, it’s smart to always have a light outwear with you, and I picked up my very casual Zara oversized washed denim shirt with a lot of cute embrosied icons at the back. I seldom have high heels in the weekend’s daytime, and a pair of chelsea boots was my idea that day. Continuing the casual style, I’ve simply changed to another pair of mom jeans from Zara, it’s a new collection of Zara for this spring and I found it super nice considering the quality and cutting with its very friendly price.

At the end, the topic looks a bit more on the eating side, did I really shop? Of course! I’ve got this and gonna share with you on Instagram or here a bit later 😀

weekend in hong kong with brunch at mercato's amazing pizza

weekend in hong kong with brunch at mercato's buttermilk pancakes

weekend in hong kong with brunch at mercato weekend in hong kong with brunch at mercato


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