As the short self-introduction of myself in the profile and probably other of my social medias, you could have a guess that I am working for myself, not in the way as a full time blogger (otherwise I will update here more frequently), but an entrepreneur to run a small business in Hong Kong while keeping myself busy with many other side projects. One of the biggest advantages of being your own boss, is that you are the person to make your working schedule, which means, YES, I can just give myself a day-off on a causal workday and mostly, I make this kind of decision in bed when I wake up. The trade-off is, I need to work more and sometimes till the midnight in other days and even weekend (it’s pretty fair, I know). I do have my weekend, unless I have really a bunch of paper work to catch up before the new week is coming, I would very stick to a workday-and-weekend schedule like everyone else. In my weekend, I have developed a list of regular habits which include personal care from hair to toe, big shopping to fill up my fridge, jogging or walking in the mountain, and a nice brunch with croissant and latte in my neighbourhood by myself or a bigger version with friends in the restaurants.


beef n liberty special bbq chicken burger
I was invited to the new rooftop BBQ brunch at Beef & Liberty in Wanchai in the middle March. Well, this is actually a return of their The Big Green Egg Rooftop BBQ event which covers all-you-can-eat salads and meats on the cozy rooftop at the price of $258 only (what a great deal!) and even possible to upgrade to a free-flow version ($388).
We arrived around noon time while the small rooftop is actually fully booked out. Seated in this garden look rooftop, we were so much enjoying in the mild sunshine and from time to time, the wind brought us the BBQ smoke which is such seducing!Everything there is in a way of help-yourself. The salad table is, of course, not as big as what you imagine like in the hotel buffet, however, I did agree on their quality rather than just quantity. Loving the fresh cheese sooooo much; it’s killing everyone in our table! The chef was in charge of piri piri chicken and sweet corn and the ribs and hamburger meat were made by another chef. I’ve got my lovely hamburger meat freshly hot while I tried to build up my kind of burger, which you know, it looked so unprofessional. Whatever, it did taste so good and since I didn’t put that much sauce, I have the most authentic presentation from a burger. The second must-try meat item is the rib, which were not having a perfect looking but taste so amazing.
That day, we’ve also tried their new burger called, The Little Pecker. Very rich in flavour in terms of the piri piri sauce, the slow-cooked and hot-grilled chicken leg was juicy and absorbed the sauce into each of its texture. The new burger is already released at the price of $98, maybe I shall just go for another casual lunch for it.

三月中的时候受邀去了湾仔 Beef & Liberty 的屋顶BBQ早午餐,之前他们也有搞过类似的烤肉早午餐活动,今年开春算是再次搞作吧。BBQ早午餐提供无限量的烤肉、沙律和甜品,成人价钱只有港币258一位,绝对是一般早午餐的半价,餐厅也给出个升级版本,港币388可以享用无限量的气泡酒、啤酒或者点一杯血腥玛丽(她们家的血腥玛丽很带感!)
我们大概是中午时分到的,小小的屋顶的预定基本都满了,难得那天不冷不热带点微风,还时不时出点太阳,坐在屋顶平台很惬意,外加烤肉那一角不停飘来的肉香,引的人不断伸脖子。屋顶一角有个小小的长桌放满各种不同沙律,重在质量而不是数量,特别推荐的是他们的新鲜芝士,creamy程度振奋全桌人了。烤肉角有两个厨师,大厨负责piri piri 鸡块和甜玉米,另一边是汉堡牛肉饼和蜜汁肋骨。汉堡完全是自己堆起来的,各种腌酸瓜片、洋葱、番茄、车打芝士、酱汁一阵乱摆弄,我知道我的汉堡没卖相,不过很有“内涵”!第二推荐的是他们的蜜汁肋骨,厚厚的连骨肉烤的酥软到放到盘子里一大片肉都自己掉下来了,酸甜的蜜汁更是让人吃不停。
那天,我们也试吃了餐厅新推出的鸡腿肉汉堡,The Little Pecker,同样用的是piri piri的微辣酱汁,鸡腿肉经过慢煮的程序吃起来鲜嫩多汁。这款新汉堡98港币一份,价格也算公道,现在已经点的到了,我是不是该找个午餐时间过去回味一下呢?
beef n liberty rooftop  beef n liberty salad corner  beef n liberty rooftop bbq brunch vibe
beef n liberty bloody marry
beef n liberty make your burger
beef n liberty bbq ribs and meat
About this rooftop BBQ brunch, it runs now all the way till the end of April, and every weekend from noon to 3pm, while booking is required and you can find the link below easily. One bad thing is rooftop brunch always replies on the weather and April is not a good season in Hong Kong as the changeable temperature plus unpredictable humidity and rain. Cross finger to everyone in love with nice brunch and outdoor event!

Beef & Liberty 的屋顶BBQ早午餐会从现在一直供应到四月底,每个周末午时到下午3点的时间段就能吃上,只不过要看天吃饭,碰上坏天气估计就吃不成了(香港的三四月份实在不会有什么好天气),可以通过下面的网址预定。
Booking link:
Beef & Liberty
23 Wing Fung Street, Wanchai (Close to Pacific Place 3)

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