Office, meeting, happy hours, events, these are part of the hit keywords to describe a normal Hong Kong work-week. Coming to the weekend, a slow brunch becomes extremely important to everyone (if you are not out for crazy night-to-morning parties on Friday or Saturday). Sometimes, we’ve been done with those big dining groups for the reason of over-crowded, over-commercialized or over-priced.

The quiet area from the back of PMQ (Bridges Street) to the artisan neighborhood in Hong Kong Island (Tai Ping Shan Street) would be always on my to-go list. And today, I would like to share that lazy morning at The Bottle Shop.

周一至周五的香港生活总是奔走在办公室、会议、happy hours和社交活动之间,如果你不属于周五/周六夜猫一族,那相比你一定是要盼透了一个慵懒的、不急不慢的周末晨光。只可惜有的时候路过那些过于拥挤、过于商业化、over-priced的餐厅,就没了探入去的心思。

中环PMQ背后的Bridges Street 倒是少有的清净少人,从那里一路延伸到极具独立艺术气息的太平山街街区,总是在我的 to-go 清单上。那就来讲讲还在晚秋里的那个早晨吧,地点就在 The Bottle Shop。

I’ve read some articles about their cute green (pandan) pancake which is only available during weekend brunch menu somewhere, and that morning, we’ve dragged our lazy bodies and minds to Central. To walk till Bridges Street wasn’t an easy job for a non-workout savy as you need to conquer all the steps and the steep. The tip from me is to use the mid-level escalator to travel till Staunton Street and walk there without too much up and down. The Bottle Shop is actually named after a craft beer retail concept in Hong Kong. They’ve got a shop in Sai Kung and a tap room where also serves weekend brunch in Central. As I said, I like this area hidden behind the busy Soho gourmet area and the new art spot PMQ. You will also find another two famous restaurants there, Little Bao & Yardbird – both are on my favorite list.

The weekend menu doesn’t offer a rich collection or any heavy-food, however, they do tap on the free flow beer option (also fresh juice – I like this idea) as “free flow” is a word always attaches to brunch in Hong Kong. Well, they are a beer-pro. 

那天早晨硬把自己拖去中环的理由就是为了那时“被种草”的班蘭热香饼(pandan pancake),好像也在周末早午餐时段提供。从中环站到 Bridges Street 一路上又是阶梯又是陡坡,对于运动小白绝对是过五关斩六将的事,建议出了地铁站直接走半山扶梯,一路上到 Staunton Street 再横走过去,至少免去很多上上下下的艰辛。The Bottle Shop 其实顾名思义是一家专卖精酿啤酒的店,他们在西贡有一家零售店,中环的这家则兼顾 tap room 和餐厅的职责。同一个街区里,你还能找到另外两家出名的餐厅,Little Bao 和 Yardbird,他们也都在我的推荐餐厅清单上。


We’ve got seats facing to the street and I was happy to enjoy the sunshine and the natural breeze there. Of course I ordered a regular latte with the famous pandan pancake, while Luigi prefers a protein-powered all-day-breakfast. I’ve been satisfied with the pancake because it’s really warm and soft like you taste the temperature from their kitchen and also, the vanilla icecream killed me straightforward and even Luigi managed to steal from my dish! He’s ok with his big breakfast but at the end, the free flow fresh orange juice became his favorite of the day.

Oh, I have to add some negative points also. The waiting time from order to delivery was too long (and when we are leaving, we were told that it’s because the chef was off that day). I don’t know whether they’ve improved recently, I might pay another visit to see. The indoor space is pretty uncomfortably small especially when it’s fully occupied. The short distance between the tables could be seen from this little story. I’ve got a food blogger friend happened to visit them at the same day, while, she’s got worse luck other than waiting for her food. Her shoulder was hit by a flying vanilla icecream ball when the staff was delivering to another table of guests.

我们两挑了面对着大街的小角落,享受晚秋依然强劲的日光和暖风。我点的斑蘭热香饼,配上一杯热拿铁,Luigi 的选择是蛋白质丰富的全日早餐。我很喜欢他们现做的热香饼,温暖和松软的口感让人感觉到厨房里的温度,冰凉的香草雪糕直接把我拿下了,就连 Luigi 都要不间断从我的碟子里偷点去。他对自己的全日早餐不贬也不赞,反倒是极其喜欢他们的鲜榨橙汁。


Hope you enjoy reading my sharing today, and if you are planning a visit there for the coming weekend, you can also consider a further walk-down from Bridges Street to Tai Ping Shan Street, where I find the lovely art galleries, designer shops and again little individual cafes.



See you next time


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