Helloooo, it’s been a while I didn’t write about food stuff. It’s not because I stop dining out, actually, just in the opposite, my eat-out % grows almost triple compared to last half year, and sometimes I even start to feel my stomach is literally complaining. I have to admit, the only reason I eat out is first it would be great chance to catch up with friends, second part of me (whatever tongue, brain, stomach) is craving for heavily flavored, juicy “fatty” food. If you ask me what’s on my frequent-covering cuisine, here you go the top 5 list:

  • Italian
  • Chinese (very much into Shanghainese, Sichuan, “Xiang”)
  • Korean (especially chicken dishes)
  • Japanese (everything but tempura)
  • Spanish

I have to shout out my love towards Korean chicken dishes, and I do have my favorite spots in town (I mean Hong Kong). However, today I gonna share this new Korean spot with you.

有一段时间不怎么写吃吃喝喝的事了,不是因为外出就餐的机会少了,相反,最近频繁出街觅食的几率甚至大增3倍。下馆子,对我来说最大的好处就是,一能借机跟朋友聚聚,到底生活在香港这个24小时不停的城市里,老友叙旧四个人显得比较苍白;二就是能解馋,有的时候就是身体的某一部分按耐不住寂寞,渴求那些重口味、多汁肥腻的美食。如果你问我最吃的菜色是什么,我的Top 5 不外乎以下这些:

  • 意大利菜
  • 中国菜(主要偏向上海菜、川菜、湘菜)
  • 韩国菜(偏爱跟鸡有关的菜色)
  • 日本菜(除了天妇罗什么都爱)
  • 西班牙菜


DODAM Chicken is the name of this new restaurant which is open for around one month in the busy commercial area, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. The reason of recommending it is that they provide both deep-fried chicken and healthier baked chicken dishes. Of course, they do have other non-chicken choices which I find seafood pretty worthy to try as well.

I still love the baked chicken the most for its juiciness and tenderness, and I’ve told they made it in a pizza oven with a temperature over 400 degree. Did Italians make their chicken in the same way? Personally, I think the baked chicken can absorb the typical Korean sauce better than the crispy fried one, and I don’t really like that the fried chicken supposed to be crispy becomes soft and wet under the sauce.

新餐厅DODAM Chicken 位于繁忙商业区铜锣湾,开业大概一个月左右。推荐的理由其实挺简单,他们家既有炸鸡又有健康版本的烤鸡,当然,除了鸡料理,也有传统的韩式菜色和新发明,其中也不乏一些比较吸引人的海鲜料理。


The above 3 dishes were exactly what I mentioned about seafood, traditional and “innovated” creations. Squid Tentacles & Chicken was amazing by its “scary” looking. Order it and stare at that giant squid on the top before you let their staff to tear it apart, you know what I mean amazing! Traditional as Korean Sticky Rice Cake, it is cooked with tomato sauce which gives a bit natural sweet and freshness rather than purely spicy hot. Dodam Pizza totally blows my brain! “Look, what is that!” ( I do have bias on the pizza which I think all pizza should follow the authentic Italian style.) The pizza base tasted actually great. Love its crispy thin character but as to the topping, I withdraw my comment to a personal level.

以上三张照片分别呼应先前提到的海鲜、传统和新发明(我尽然还记得前后呼应这一招)。Squid Tentacles & Chicken 的样子夺人眼球,整只八爪鱼披着深色“酱”衣张牙舞爪的趴在炸鸡“山”上,大家有机会自己去点一个体会一下当这道菜临空出现在你眼前的感受。传统的韩式年糕(Korean Sticky Rice Cake)加了点番茄在酱汁里,带点小可爱的番茄甜,算是小幅度的调整辣度了。Dodam Pizza 直接轰炸我的认知了,当时的反应就是“这是什么呀!”(我对于披萨的态度比较严谨,总觉得只有遵循真正意大利披萨做法的披萨才是能吃的)披萨底合我口味,够脆够薄,创意无边的色拉沙律topping我就不评论了吧 🙂


Get restaurant name & address here:

Dodam Chicken

18A, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay


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