Here comes another romantic festival in February. When Valentine comes, there are always some troubles about what to be picked up as a nice present, and what to wear to impress your another half in the very special night. No doubt, pink is always boned with Valentine, but have you ever grown too bored with the normal pinky looks? Oh come-on, if even you are a big fan of Hello Kitty (and even you are still now), don’t you worry your another half actually has some issues with it year after year?

Luckily, I’ve so impressed by Gucci’s collection (of course from a lot of other brands) that shows me a rich world of pink and I’ve inspired by some fashion bloggers and street styles to have some little pink ideas.


情人节,总是少不了各种少女粉,每年都来这么一套,不嫌烦么!看看社交媒体上的各种晒“粉”,还有2016年红得发紫发黑的Gucci,其实粉色有回潮的迹象,这个新潮不再是以前的那种柔柔嫩嫩Hello Kitty,反而有了新花样,也有看头。

Faux fur coat + Dusty rose

From Emelie, I simply love her flurry and warm winter look and the lovely and a bit luxury-look dusty rose is just that attractive in this Instagram photo of hers. This pink is a bit twisted for Valentine if you try this year, it will give a different pinky impression that finally walks you out from Hello Kitty era.

“Dusty rose, it’s all about the queen of the night.”

毛绒绒外套 + 高级粉

时尚博主Emitaz在自己博客和IG上有这么一张日常照,亮点在于厚厚软软的毛茸茸外套。保暖不是重点,颜色才是!这个粉,有点肉桂和杏色的感觉,国外称之为Dusty Rose,少了少女粉那种柔嫩多了熟女的温润感,有没有一种喝着肉桂茶的感觉呢?


Pleated skirt + Sheer pink

Pleated midi skirt is one of the 2016’s hit items, I believe. It’s not a good item for freezing winter but absolutely a can-do one for warm spring. It’s a bit romantic pink but mostly cool and chic with the pleated structure and the very sheer look. Personally, midi or just-to-knee length skirt are both perfect for a tall girl, but for a short girl, maybe just-to-knee would be a smarter choice. I like the beautiful movement pleated skirt offers while as a girl with not super skinny body-shape, I never challenge myself to wear in pleated skirt, so the decision on you also!

“The very chic-cool and luxury pink you can have”

过膝褶子裙 + 低调奢华粉

华丽丽的褶子半身裙/过膝裙算是2016夏季一路红到秋季的单品之一,可惜冬天强风下,大家都把薄薄的她收起来了。这会,春季又到,是时候拿出来了。带点小奢华的浪漫粉色,挑裙子的时候一定要挑那种带有低调奢华感的太空粉,一定不是那种闪瞎眼的哟!过膝或半身裙因人而异吧,个人觉得瘦高型的两者都能驾驭,娇小型的可以选半身,也不至于裙子长的把整个人都变短了。另外加一句招人打的提示,pleated skirt的材质有个缺点就是特别贴身,飘逸感强,下身比较凹凸有致的妹子们最好别尝试,那自己经验来谈,“别给自己找挫败感”。。。

“太空粉在于低调中不失奢华,chic-cool 并存”

Straight pants + Romantic pink

Ms.Beckham is an icon for dark, mental, leather… and everything cool, however, this capture is totally out of my brain, and it turns out really awesome! It is taken in last New York Fashion Week when she’s going for her collection show, and again, her typical strong business woman look right? The pink pants perfectly soften the outfit. Considering a Valentine dinner after Tuesday’s heavy office schedule, maybe this idea is the most practical.

“Romantic pink is the key to a soft outlook.”

职业裤装 + 浪漫粉

酷酷的贝嫂大多都以黑色、重金属、皮革包装自己,难得看到一张她对女性柔性一面的诠释,用的还是自己的collection。这是她在去年纽约时装周里出席自己collection走show的照片,算是business woman装束吧。如果你只看她的上半身,绝对是气场200分的架势,黑超+骨架感特强的白衬衫没得输,来到下半身的浪漫粉色和一样色调的杏色露趾高跟鞋一下中和整个硬朗的形象,把那些过度表现的菱角都磨掉了。今年的2月14也是工作日,这一套是不是挺合适办公室女侠的?


Accessory is King

It is obvious that I want to talk about handbags! “Less is More”, not one fashion elite mentioned this before. Gucci and a few brands embrace different pinks in their recent collection and I specially love the sharp pink which stands out immediately with a simple outlook of grey, black, white or nude. Michael Kors shows another smart idea of pink bag.

“To use pink handbag or shoes to upgrade your outlook immediately”

Accessory is King

一下子上两张图的用意很明确了吧,就是各种粉色系的handbag!搭配达人通常都说“Less is more”,很多明星、时尚达人的穿搭都比较“朴实”,给人亲人、舒服的感觉,而她们的包包就无形中变成整个造型的亮点。Gucci最近出的系列中各种层次的粉色都没少,这里挑了个很艳、一不小心会变得很“俗”的玫红色,搭配黑白灰、裸色系效果极佳。MK这款包不算太出色,只是这个柔柔的粉色用的很巧,成功摆脱那种稚嫩和土气。


Velvet + Dusty rose

I left the best in the end. At the end, the very-lady dress is still the sharp lady-weapon. Dusty rose velvet has both elegant and queen expression. The wrapped dress on Amiee Song is a very nice sample, and it turns out to be also perfect for tanned skin.

“Let’s be elegant with velvet”

丝绒 + 高级粉

好东西总要放最后吧!期盼已久的裙装上场,情人节最有杀伤力的单品要属兼具高雅和女王气质的丝绒裙,当然首选高级粉!时尚博主Amiee Song去年年底的这套让人刮目相看。丝绒的那种雍容华贵配上高级粉的那种“小黑暗”给人相当低调的感觉,巧的是这个有点脏兮兮的烟灰粉竟然也能配上小麦肤色。



Wish everyone a different Valentine and I will come back soon!


(All photos are sourced from Internet)

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