6 outfits for tall slim girls
I love fashion and I’m always getting into the amazing and inspiring outfits when I’m in my Instagram and Bloglovin world :3 (my boyfriends sometimes get so pissed off on this when he cannot get any attention from me)
Girls, do you have long legs, less curved body, taller than average height? Damn, you know you are so lucky to be tall and slim and how many girls are working hard to be like that! Ok, I pretend to be tall and slim today, and share my favourite 6 outfits for this season, and you probably will find almost all the trendy items here as well.

model off duty look in fashion week 2016
(Photo from WhoWhatWear)
Blazer, tee, shorts and ankle boots, the most perfect and simplest color game with a vintage grey and navy blue. The blue leather boots are following this season’s trend to “wrap” the ankle. Clean and liner design from top to bottom, a bit French style from this outfit and the elegant golden necklace is what you won’t miss as the only but the most important highlight.


new york style blogger michelle
New York Style Blogger Michelle looks killing sexy cool in this outfit. Again the trendy velvet boots are dancing around with those long straight legs!


fashion blogger mob
Another cool girlblogger Marie Von Behern is exactly our kind of French girl style. The feminine look with all pink details make a non-pink-fan love this look as well.

再来一枚酷酷的博主妹子,名叫Marie Von Behern,典型的大家心里幻想的那种法国女孩。柔粉色的outfit从各种小细节里透出来,让我这个对粉色不怎么感冒的“汉子”都忍不住看多一眼。充分说明,细节很重要!

back to school street style
(Photo from LA COOL & CHIC)
Back-to-school! Bomber jacket with high waist denim skirt, plus a pair of shiny black boots. Isn’t it a typical downtown fashion girl look?

german fashion blogger debi flute
A very cool German girl, Debi Flugge, impresses me a lot by her beautiful Instagram feeds and authentic wordings about her vegan and fashionable life in her blog. I love this outfit and it turns out to be perfect of today’s topic. This “go-to” look is perfect for the autumn and the pencil pants are my favourite, for the little “office” and “boss” feel brought out from it. Well, you probably will say, that pair of Balenciaga boots are the real king! Believe me, if you don’t have that long legs, please give a pass.

最近终于下手Follow了这个德国博主妹子 Debi Flugge,她的照片真实的瘦子艺术,看了她的文章,也难怪她不太长肉了,整个Vegan生活啊!(无法想象不吃肉、不吃蛋、不吃海鲜的日子)我很喜欢她的这套outfit,绝对是秋季“go-to”版(照抄即可出街)。那条铅笔直筒裤(西装材料质地)是我的最爱,有点小硬朗、小“boss”的感觉。好啦,我就猜到你一定会说,明明人家脚上那对Balenciaga短靴才是王道,信我一句,如果没那种笔笔直、长长的腿,安全起见还是飘走吧。
london based blogger camille charriere
Camille Charrière, another French girl blogger, shows us another outfit with something extremely fashionable. My eyes are falling onto the shiny patent leather skirt and interesting boots. What about you?

Camille Charrière,看名字就知道是个法国妹子,base在伦敦的时尚博主是也。她的这套集聚时尚感,换句话说就是平日里随便上个街,不太适合这么穿,除非你是本短文的正中目标群体(瘦子,还要是挺高的)。闪闪的漆皮高腰短裙,还有那对黑白条纹的漆皮短靴,绝对是赚回头率的,你觉得呢?
See you soon!

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