Nice Greek lunch at Santorini HongKong

The crystal clear blue and white, the beautiful coast line… Santorini is always one of the hit travel destinations in the world. Living in Hong Kong, to enjoy the benefits of an easy access to worldwide cuisines, we’ve much limited choices to the authentic Greek restaurants. If you are walking around the corners in the famous gourmet zone (SoHo), you probably have an impressive of that slice of blue and white at the corner, where most of the restaurants are printed in sharp colors or in the dark metal shadows. That is Santorini, and I am happy to see it’s expanded to Wanchai, to my door.
We’ve got a very relaxing afternoon there, where most of the lunch clients are gone. The restaurant follows its original color tone and together with the beautiful paintings of Santorini or Mediterranean views, we were able to have a small bite on Santorini’s “imagination cake”. Seafood, olives, cheeses, eggplants, are the main ingredients I found in Santorini’s cuisine.


Santorini HongKong's open dining area

Santorini HongKong's VIP dining room

Yummy Octopus Salad from Santorini HongKong

The wonderful red soup from Santorini HongKong

The amazing Mezedakia Saganaki Cheese from Santorini HongKong

Dessert time and it's all about Greek Yogurt

special greek-style espresso after the meal at Santorini HongKong

Even Mediterranean’s weather is so different from HongKong’s, while the fresh enjoyment of seafood salad (Salad Octopus) is always welcomed, especially you will be spoiled by a lot of chewy octopus. I love that cheese topped with the fried crust (Mezedakia Saganaki Cheese), which I called it “Golden Brick”. It’s absolutely an eye-bomb that you just cannot get rid of it after witnessing the cheese slices stretched out from that brick. Trying Greek cuisine, you mustn’t miss those wonderful dips. Santorini offers a tasting platter of 4 dips (Dip Sampler). The four shades of Greek dips, covers different styles from light to heavy, and if you are a spicy-flavoured olive oil lover, you will love one of them. Personally, I like Taramosalata the most, for it’s the lightest and the freshest flavour to me. Taramosalata is made from 100% cod eggs, potato puree and lemon.

Thinking we’ve done with all the cheese, fried or baked eggplants? Emmm, actually we were just ready for desserts! No surprise, desserts placed some shadow of Eastern sweets, which I’m not keen to. However, the authentic Greek yogurt based dessert was absolutely a must-try! It’s super simply like what you could imagine to make in your kitchen, but it might be better you buy the yogurt from Santorini first, because that’s the key! To close the entire lunch, I’ve been introduced the creamy Greek coffee and I drank it in a traditional way (with a little sugar). I really like the extra creamy taste this special “espresso” has and I’ve even more impressed when they told us the traditional Greek coffee was cooked directly with all the leftover powder at the cup bottom. Be caution NO.1, don’t take it as a shot and try to “touch the base”; NO.2, a little sugar equals to a lot.

即使地中海气候和亚洲或是香港的气候迥然不同,大家似乎对于海鲜沙律都别有钟情,Santorini的这份Salad Octopus更是满满的一碟碎八爪鱼,弹性十足。我也很喜欢Mezedakia Saganaki Cheese,用上希腊的传统硬芝士,上面是一层蛋液和面粉烤出来的香脆盖子,我给起个名字叫“金砖”。撩开上面的盖子,撂里面的芝士的时候,这拉丝的壮景让人看得口水乱流。一餐希腊美食,怎么能少了传统的Dips,她们也有一份四小碟不同Dips的Dip Sampler,配上传统的烤饼一起吃。4款酱味道都不同,从清新的到重口味的,各有特色。我最喜欢Taramosalata,是四款里最清新的,用上鸡蛋、土豆泥还有柠檬做成。

Address: 5/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

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