we are all happy with what we are

Hello, it’s me. I’m so excited and sometimes even feel a bit satisfied and proud to have some ideas hovering around above my brain. Actually this post is totally a fruit of instant emotion and I’ve thought about this topic when my mind stretches out. That moment happened in last week, a normal second that I opened up Chinese social media app on my iPhone, and was surprised to see my outfit post was shared by the famous online retailer again and got 26K views! Amazingly happy first, but then I noticed a single comment under the post and if I literally translate it in English, it said “look that thigh…(Bomb!) I got the meaning immediately and I did immediately check that my thigh in that photo. Ok, it did look like a very well-trained athletic thigh, and oops! I shall say, even the entire leg did look like that! Am I being criticised? Yes, absolutely yes. I was a little emotional at that moment and I’m seriously thinking about this old topic, “Is Fashion Only Belonging To Skinnies?

I am Chinese and I’ve got Asian’s genie to be short and flat, but my lifestyle and life attitude has been changed so much since I’ve moved to Hong Kong for 5 years. I am seriously in love with food especially Hong Kong is such a devil city to offer me all the food in a world-wide and world-top level. I have also great passion of fitness if you have read my earlier post about F45 Functional Training. More importantly, I have such a positive and happy lifestyle nowadays, think free, speak free, love what I am and share what I love through this blog. Based on what, I shall bare the criticise?

I still remembered that big bomb thrown by Abercrombie & Fitch years ago, and it raised so much positive voices in the public to redefine the term of Fashion and Beauty in reality. If you are a frequent online buyer, you probably will notice more and more online giants and brands launch their “Curve & Plus-Size” line, say ASOS, H&M, Uniqlo, M&S, you name it. I’ve looked into this topic by searching some topics about bloggers and models even, guess what I’ve got? “23 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers That Are Changing The Game” and “The 5 Plus-Size Models You Should Be Following On Instagram” from STYLECASTER! I was so surprised that I didn’t even discover this part of Fashion and Beauty before, probably because I’ve not been curved enough, but guys, you have to have a look at those amazingly beautiful and confident women!


身为一个中国人,一身的纯正亚洲基因,身材矮小又平平无奇,但在香港生活的5年里,我的生活方式和价值观却有天翻覆地的改变。在香港这个“邪恶都市”里,跟美食约会时天天有的事,这里我几乎能找到任何国家任何国际等级的料理。如果你有看过我之前关于F45 Functional Training的博文,你一定知道我个人还是个塑身爱好者。再有,我在自己的生活圈子里,在我的博客和社交网站上可以畅所欲言,分享我所热爱的,这是前所未有的生活方式,充满正能量。基于这些,我应该收到这样的评判吗?

我任记得几年前由Abercrombie & Fitch所掀起的公关危机,当时的主流媒体和一些知名人士纷纷站出来呼吁大家重新定义时尚和美丽这两个名词。如果你经常在一些海购网站上购物,你可能已经注意到一些巨头零售网站和品牌纷纷加入Curve & Plus-Size这条产品线,例如ASOSH&MUniqloM&S 等等。我也有尝试在博客届和模特业所搜相关的词条,没想到找到STYLECASTER分享的两篇文章,”23 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers That Are Changing The Game” 和 “The 5 Plus-Size Models You Should Be Following On Instagram“,分别介绍顶尖的加大号时尚博主和时尚模特。看到这些实在让我太惊讶了,我尽然从来没有尝试在自己的社交网站圈里搜索这样的人物!你绝对不能错过这些美人儿!

we are all happy with what we are_top curve fashion model

IMG model, designer, Ashley Graham has 2.5m fans on her Instagram and this photo posted one week ago gets 91.1k LIKEs so far!

IMG模特和设计师Ashley Graham拥有2百50万Instagram粉丝,而这张在上周发出来的照片已经拿到9万1千个LIKE

we are all happy with what we are_top curve fashion blogger

Designer, blogger, model, Nadia Aboulhosn, has an Instagram account followed by 500k fans and this photo gets 18.6k LIKEs.

设计师、时尚博主兼模特Nadia Aboulhosn,她的Instagram账户有50万粉丝,这张照片得到1万8千余个Likes

we are all happy with what we are_top curve fashion model

IMG model and actress, Julie Henderson, grows her Instagram with 22.1k followers now.

IMG模特兼演员Julie HendersonInstagram上集聚了2万2千多个粉丝。

we are all happy with what we are_top curve fashion blogger

IMG Model, Marquita Pring, instantly sharing her happiness and positive life with her 67.8k followers on Instagram.

IMG模特Marquita Pring通过她的Instagram和近6万7千多个粉丝分享她的生活

we are all happy with what we are_top curve fashion blogger

Swimwear designer and blogger, Gabi Gregg, with her massive amount of fans (424k) on Instagram, you find her coolish styles and talents with swimwears for curved body!

泳衣设计师兼时尚博主Gabi Gregg,拥有42万4千余个Instagram粉丝,从她的照片里你可以看到她酷酷的个人风格和为丰满身材设计性感泳衣的天赋!


Instagram numbers probably doesn’t mean everything, because we know it’s a highlight profile of a single life where all the dark side is hidden. However, I’ve been thinking how difficult and challenging to become this successful and this gorgeous in the photos! I am not encouraging to overlook the weight control and the body-shape building, but I would more happy to live in a positive life which is not influenced by what other people think, talk about, and even judge! Anyways, I just cannot stand if I have to stop eating pasta and pizza, drinking coca-cola, having a cheese burger with a big glasses of chocolate milkshake. I am happy with what I am :3

Lovely to share my thoughts with you today, and I really hope everyone could pay more resection and appreciate when they are online/offline socialising, and we can be all happy with what we are. Of course, I would be more happy to see your comments and opinions here!


Instagram(社交媒体)上的粉丝量有时不是最权威也不具有绝对的代表性,大家都知道,社交媒体上每一个时刻都是把平常生活中的亮点晒出来的,背后的故事往往都藏在黑暗角落里,然而,我所想的是,这些“小众”时尚女性,她们的成功和光环背后会有多少的挑战!我并不想鼓励大家忽视管理自己的体重和为自己塑造更好的身材,我只是想说快乐满足的生活字典里并没有其他人的评判和观点!Anyways,我只是简单的无法抵抗披萨和意粉的诱惑,可乐的引诱,一份芝士汉堡外加一大杯巧克力奶昔的奖赏。I am happy with what I am




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