Your summer dress can go well for season change

It’s killing!!! I was literally screaming and complaining a lot last week when the air was as heavy as my pot cover! Sorry for the negative messages at the beginning, but actually I would like to share with you my orange outfit in the same climate when I was in a Sunday brunch with my girls.

It’s been a big trend for layering this season, and the hottest combination is absolutely a slip dress on top of a cool tee (with a pair of fluffy slip-on loafer and a cool moot-jacket?!). However, I’m still living in the Hong Kong’s humid late summer which means heavy air and sunny days in the day time and wet windy night. This look is based on my little sharp orange minidress from Topshop (similar here and a seasonal velvet version here) and my new white tee from Zara which I just got it recently and it turns out to be so comfortable and wearable. This combination was definitely a good fight-back to this changeable weather and killing air-conditioning in Hong Kong. To finish the look, I picked my Converse which is the most basic, comfortable and pair-able item I’m frequently wearing. I like my new H&M round sunglasses (a more serious version here) which I’ve got in the last summer sale ($10 HK dollar, can you imagine?). It’s just so playful and funny when I’m putting it on my face (admit it’s cheap and a bit weird in some angles, but never mind) 😀


这个季度的流行元素之一是层叠法,早秋里最尴尬的那几天里一条丝质中长连衣裙搭上简单的白Tee是众多流行教主和时尚品牌的板子(碰上再冷一点的天气,毛绒绒的slip-on loafer和一件酷酷的摩托皮夹克)。不幸的是,香港的十几度天还要等上个把月,现在依然是闷热潮湿,白天出太阳,晚上吹海风的天气。这天的搭配主要是Topshop亮橘色mini连身裙类似款,今季超流行天鹅绒款,依然很夏天,配上最近才买的Zara基本款白Tee,有些贴身的质地,以外的百搭和好穿。简单的两层叠加法正好抵御这个多变季节还有冷得出奇的室内环境。配上一对出街率极高的Converse,舒适度100分,适合周日的随意感和灵感触发的满街跑状态。另外我还随身带着H&M圆型太阳镜类似款遮挡一下黑眼圈(太阳光不是重点),这副眼镜几周前赶着H&M的最后打折季入手的(才10港币,信不信!),夹在我的脸上,充满喜剧感,特别适合周末搞怪(不过我也承认设计和质量一般般,带着玩玩也无妨)

Your summer dress can go well for season change1

Your summer dress can go well for season change1

Your summer dress can go well for season change1

Your summer dress can go well for season change1

Tee: Zara basic white tee (here)

Dress: Topshop Orange Mini Dress (similar here and velvet version here)

Sneaker: Converse Chunk Taylor All Star

Sunglasses: H&M Round Sunglasses (similar here)


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