When work steals your time in a business trip

Hey, I was just back to Hong Kong and am currently catching up with some work these days. Here’s a quick sharing of my weekend business trip in Guangzhou, China and also tips of keeping energy and happiness in a time-consuming business trip.

Luxury traveller? backpacker? honeymoon seeker? Whatever traveller type you are, the most most important thing to me and I am strongly pushing on you guys is, hotel! For a business person, you probably won’t worry about hotel selection for your secretary will take care of it, but for a self-employed person or normal traveller, do it yourself and make it as good as possible! We spent some time to search the hotel, read the available services and the reviews when we were planning Guangzhou trip, even it’s just a 2 nights stay. Normally, I will use booking.com but also keep in mind of all our points/miles-related programs which can save us money, room upgrade or offer us extra benefits in the future trips. The most-concerning information of a hotel for me is,

  • Service they have: Wifi (free in room!), pool (indoor for rainy days / outdoor for sunny days), late check-out (for the ease of last day), 24 hours hot water for showering (don’t laugh, in some awkward places, this is not a mandatory facility), bath (a bath break with a book/magazine would be perfect)
  • Different room pricing: It really affects my last decision-making, because if I see a slightly more expensive option which I don’t bother to save few cocktails, I will go for a nicer option.
  • Photos: It’s a bit difficult to link the right image to the right room type, but you cannot miss this action before any decision.
  • Location: Downtown and easy to reach anywhere for a traveller to go.

We chose Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe for the reason of loyalty program, free in-room wifi and bath! 5-minute of taxi drive from train station (Guangzhou East) is totally acceptable and it’s 30 minutes drive to our main working venue. I was super happy to discover that I was staying with Facebook and Instagram all the time in hotel (This is really important for international business traveller nowadays when they enter into China). The direct impact was, I spent over one hour in the bath with Instagram and magazine. I always enjoyed the sleep in a good hotel, this time is not an exception, plus had little fun by jumping around 😀

Basic needs during a business trip could be mostly covered by hotel (if you are a fan of in-room services, it will be more than “mostly”). However, if we have time, at least one dine-out in the city would be good enough. We’ve visited the nearby shopping mall (Teemall) and discovered a modern Sichuan cuisine called Sajiao Chilli. The hot spicy dishes were wonderful and drove us crazy! The most recommended is the Green Chilli Boiling Fish! Before we leave for Hong Kong, I insisted a visit of Hilton’s T Lounge & Bar because I was “set” by the high ceiling when we firstly arrived. A slow afternoon with little ice cream and warm waffle was our only leisure in this trip.


无论是奢侈旅行家,背包客,或是蜜月探索者,酒店是我总结下来最重要的!就算是只有2夜的广州行,我们都花了少少功夫选酒店,包括查看酒店提供的服务项目和大家酒店预订网上留下的评语。商务旅行的话通常都不会有挑酒店的痛苦,可爱的小秘们都包了,但如果你是自由工作者或旅行家,那还是老老实实把酒店选好了。我比较常用 booking.com 不过也会时刻记得查一下自己名下的一些会员计划,说不定能抵用积分、升级套房或者订特定的酒店来赚额外积分。找酒店时,我最先看的有以下几个部分:

  • 提供的服务项目:Wifi(房里也有,还是免费的)、泳池(室内配雨天、室外配晴天)、延迟退房(最后一天能舒服点)、24小时供应热洗澡水(要知道一些地方的酒店不把这一项当是必备设施)、浴缸(喜欢一边泡澡一边看书的举手)
  • 不同价位的房间类型:如果只是几杯鸡尾酒的差价,我通常会在做决定的时候选择贵一点的房型
  • 酒店照片:虽然要把网上的照片和自己要订的房型搭配起来不太容易,不过看一看也是必须的
  • 酒店位置:市中心,去哪都方便

我们选的是广州天河希尔顿酒店,有免费Wifi,有浴缸,还是我们某个酒店会员制旗下的酒店,离广州东火车站5分钟车程,离工作的地点也就半小时车程。当我连上Wifi的那一刻不知有多高兴,Facebook和Instagram在酒店里都能上(VPN对于在中国行走的商务旅行人士是很重要的!),直接结果就是,我和Instagram还有杂志在浴缸里待了一小时。酒店里的高级床垫和床上用品总能让我睡的比在家里都安稳,希尔顿也没让人失望,顺便玩了几下“跳床” 😀

酒店一般都能满足商务旅行中的一些最基本需求(如果你喜欢in-room service,那估计是全包了),但如果有时间,我们也喜欢出去走走,哪怕是一顿晚餐也好。一天的工作之后我们去了最近的商场(天河城),意外发现一家很有意思的四川菜餐厅“撒椒”。现代化的餐厅风格,简单的菜单选项,辣而惹味的口味,我们整晚吃不停。最推荐(青)泡椒水煮鱼!回香港之前,我坚持要在希尔顿的酒店大堂天河廊坐一坐,全因为第一晚到的时候,被种草了。一点点冰淇淋配上现做的华夫饼,这是我们唯一的“慢”下午时光。


Hitlon Guangzhou Tianhe

No.215 Linhe Xi Heng Road Tianhe, Guangzhou, China


208 Tianhe Rd, Tianhe, Guangzhou, China (Metro Line 1 or Line 3, Tiyu XiLu)

Sajiao Chilli

7F, Teemall

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip

When work steals your time in a business trip


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