Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Ohlala, sexy on the beach for the fresh morning reading! I am actually getting “mold” in Hong Kong while the annoying rain has been staying with us since last weekend. I’m desperately thirsty about sunshine, sea breeze and everything about real summer. Not sure it would be lucky or not, I will go to Guangzhou in the coming weekend, and look for any adventure while working hard there.

Ok, now I’m talking about Lago Bolsena (Lake Bolsena). It is actually named after one of the little town on the lake, called Bolsena, and the beautiful (volcano) lake is just in a 20-minute driving distance to Montefiascone, where I shared my wandering and its stories in the previous posts. Basically, it’s the common summer vacation spot for all locals from the nearby towns or cities. Along the side connected to Montefiascone (where we drive directly down from the hill), it locates one resort and camping site. Two ways to share the long lake-side are either on the well-maintained grassland (but hard to get into water as there’s only rocks, no beach) or on the blacksand beach. We’ve spent a few afternoons (all in total over 20 hours) there in the most wonderful late summer days in this area, and I’ve got some “to-do” suggestions.

To Chill – Stay in/next to the lake

It’s actually quite nice to swim in the lake if the time is not too close to sunset. I admit it’s pretty painful for Asians to step into the water for we are too spoiled by Asian’s warm water. Once you get used to this temperature, it’s super chill and conformable not like the salty taste of sea water (it’s even a bit sweet), but I did feel like I were in the sea, because Lago Bolsena was on the mouth of volcano and it’s so big to even create the strong waves.

To Sweat – Have a free round of beach volleyball

Next to the side of blacksand beach, there’s one free beach volleyball court, which is also free to the public as well. So lovely that there’s also an Italian bar attached to it, where you can get iced drinks/alcohols, packaged ice cream, slices of pizza and a shot of espresso. Well, people are passionated about the sports here, so you probably need to wait for a while or simply make some your team on site.

To Play – Ride vespa like you were in Roma

Since there’re limited parking spots along the lake and maybe it’s just for convenience, some people park their motors along the lake. What I found was the cute yellow vespa from my boyfriend’s childhood friend. And, I just could not hold to have fun with it, even I’m an idiot of driving scooter or vespa.

I hope you enjoy this reading and the gallery below. See you next week 😀

Ohlala 性感泳衣露背照开始一早的博客阅读!人在香港,经历着连着几日的大小雨我都快长蘑菇了,整理着这次意大利之行的照片,忍不住想念几个星期前的灿烂阳光。这周末会来个快闪广州之行,可惜是商务之旅,希望会有期望之外的惊喜吧。

好啦,闲话太多了,现在开始讲 Lago Bolsena (Lake Bolsena)。这个火山湖的名字其实来自于湖边众多小镇之中的一个,小镇的名字就叫Bolsena。Bolsena湖距离我住的Montefiascone大概只有20分钟左右的车程,如果你有关注我的博客,对Montefiascone这个字眼应该不会陌生吧(想要回顾?戳这里)。在夏季,围着这个巨大火山湖居住的人们基本上都会来这里度假,他们可是天天来的(只要天气好),要知道意大利人在夏季可是有近两个月的假期啊(羡慕死)!我们从Montefiascone山上下来,一路上经过一个酒店,一个野营营地。想要在湖边享受日光的有两种选择,一是在维护的比较好的草坪上(不过那里没有沙滩,只有岩石,不容易入水),二是选择黑石沙滩。前前后后我们也在湖边度过几个下午时光,算上也要超过20小时了,我这里倒是有几个“to-do”建议给大家。








Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena_beach volleyball

Afternoon at Lago Bolsena_vespa


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