What Italians tell me about Siena3

Hey it’s me and I’m gonna continue about the story of Siena trip again. Siena was comparatively crowded and busy in my trip this time, and probably because of its bigger size including the scale inside the ancient city walls, and also the university there which glues young Italians from north to south. Like most of the ancient city in Italy, it also has long history and a lot of stories to be explored.
I might not be able to cover those super famous landmarks but I felt luckily and happy to check out the micro places by following my talky boyfriend, who’s studying and living in Siena for his university time. I was in my sharp green mini dress from Zara which I randomly picked up in an unbelievable good price in Hong Kong’s Zara shop this early summer, and it was not even on sale! This mini dress turns out to be easy-wearable from daytime to nighttime. The textile is a bit thick in compromise with the straight and silky looking all the time. The shield-shape back is just as simple as it is but make my back look a bit linear and longer till the upper-point of waist, and I love it! The little tricks aside the simply designed dress were my FENDI sunglasses and golden ear rings from H&M, old stuff but such a classical statement, it really balanced my summer skin color and the light-weight feeling overall (because of my thin hairstyle). I recently dig out my very old belt-bracelet, which I found it perfect to be always match with some feminine outfits!

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I cannot wait to share what I have learnt from my half-local guide now.
What Italians tell me about Siena
Piazza Salimbeni
Where stands the statue of Sallustio Bandini, intro of this person, which turns out to be a normal square and meeting point nowadays for most of tourists. The wall-like buildings around this square was owned by renown family Salimbeni. The family was one of the powerful in the city which holds different business including bank, while they did have fierce conflict with the other powerful family, Tolomei. One night, Salimbeni’s claimed the mutual-peace and called Tolomei’s to celebrate it in the organised BBQ which turned out to be an assassination with blades hidden under BBQ tables.

三面被高墙一半的银行建筑围绕,中间树立Sallustio Bandini 雕塑的广场,如今只是游人汇集和小憩的地方,然而围绕着广场的建筑曾经被城中显赫的Salimbeni家族所拥有。Salimbeni家族拥有包括银行等不同生意,在城中财富和声誉显赫,不过他们也跟旗鼓相当的死对头,Tolomei家族斗得厉害。当晚,Salimbeni家族为了表示对Tolomei家族求和的诚意,特地在郊外安排了BBQ聚餐,并邀请Tolomei家族一同庆祝,谁知,BBQ餐桌下早布下“武器库”,原来,Salimbeni家族玩的是“鸿门宴”的把戏!
What Italians tell me about Siena1
Croce del Travaglio
Where has the statues in the columns and I was told all the statues were built to be facing towards north gate of the old Siena city. Reason? Here comes the emotion that Siena “hates” Florence, and the history that Florence invaded Siena from north and the army literally got Siena’s north gate and went through. The statues was built to memorise this and Siena people kept their eyes on their enemy in north forever.

如果你留心观察 Croce del Travaglio 石柱上的雕塑,你会发现他们齐齐看向一个点,其实这些雕像都是面朝Siena背面的城门。为什么呢?要来说说Siena人民的情绪和历史了。话说Siena情绪上是极度“憎恨”Florence的,历史上,Siena曾被Florence的军队侵略过,而Florence的大军正式从背面袭来,攻下Siena背面的城门。Siena 为了永远刻下这段历史和警示后人这份“被侵略”的情绪,造就了如今面朝北的雕塑。
What Italians tell me about Siena1
What Italians tell me about Siena1
What Italians tell me about Siena1
Duomo di Siena
Similar to the story I heart about Montefiascone’s Rocca Dei Papi, here’s about the beautiful Duomo di Siena. In the past, Siena managed their rich fortune by running trading and banking business in Italy, and they’ve got that fortune to design and to build the beautiful Duomo (means: the biggest church) with a huge blueprint. What you can see now is a huge front-face connecting a bar of short extension with the 90 degree turn, where locates the tower. But in the ancient blueprint, it should be a large L-shape Duomo, with its front-face as the shorter side, and the current short extension as the longer arm. Obviously, the project was called “suspended” and at the end “aborted”, because the banks got financial crisis which was triggered by the royal families and the governments who claimed not to pay back the loans to Siena banks.
Hope you enjoy these gossip and see you next time!

有点搞笑的是,关于Siena大教堂的八卦跟Montefiascone 的Rocca Dei Papi 似曾相似。在很久之前,Siena 通过贸易和金融银行业聚集了巨大的财富,而他们也有实力为自己的大教堂设计一个宏伟的蓝图。在这份蓝图上,Duomo di Siena(Duomo 译为大教堂)呈L字型,大教堂的门面部分是L字的较短部分而连着塔楼延伸出去的建筑应该是L字的较长部分,但如今,大家所看到的大教堂门面部分和塔楼之后的建筑物长度几乎相同。很明显,当时的设计蓝图被叫停了。原来,在教堂未建成前政府和皇族“霸道的”拒绝偿还银行发出的债券,拥有大部分资金的Siena 金融银行业遭遇一场金融海啸,财富瞬间缩水,无法再支撑整个教堂的建筑项目,大教堂的完美设计也跟着缩水了。

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