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Ciao, I cannot wait to share this amazing place with you! I’ve heart about the “falling-down” town even before I started my trip few weeks before, and finally I’m here! It’s Civita di Bagnoregio, in the region of Viterbo in Central Italy. It is the famous ancient and religion city, which is falling apart together with the “fading” hill in the thousands of years. We walked from the modern downtown, Bagnoregio all the way till the entrance of it, which is settled behind a very small door. Once entered, we were immediately wowed by the landscape that the ancient town is like an ice-cream scoop on the top of the other one! The edge of those old buildings is just aligned with the hill.

When we were in the town after going through the linear foot-bridge, the old town was just like an old Italian Mama, living in her floral garden and still making delicious food and coffee. The very interesting check-in point is that bar of building which part of the original building behind the face-wall has fallen into the hill bottom long time ago. Walking along the edge of the town, it won’t be difficult to find the garden or the building which has only its door left.

To be in this floral and stone town with each piece is breathing hardly, I cannot resist a slice of color on myself. Sometimes I can stay with all black or simply back and white, but sometimes I will be so obsessed with sharp colors! In my trip to Italy this time, the only color I have is the floral yellow midi dress but I’m short of top in sharp color. Luckily I have my sharp orange mini dress from Topshop with me, which I simply changed it to a top with H&M black belt. Well, I know it won’t be a good idea to mix too many colors, as lazy as I did, I kept all others in simply black and white, except it’s getting into the very detail which normally would be out of eyes like the jewellery-like heels of Jeffrey Campbell Jwl Sandals.

Ciao 意大利之旅的这一站不可不说,我这是迫不及待的要跟大家分享这个地方和当天的outfit!当初没启程之前就已经记下这个传说中的“坠落小镇”,她的名字叫Civita di Bagnoregio,位于意大利中部的Viterbo区。一千多年前这座小镇可不是现在这个样子,小镇一度因为宗教的关系,相当旺盛,只可惜小镇经不住山丘的不断风化,小镇的外围建筑随着山丘的坠落而一起沉落谷底。我们从山脚下的Bagnoregio一路走来,Civita di Bagnoregio不起眼的单身门洞愣是把背后奇艺的风景给蒙蔽了。从远处看这座坠落小镇,她就像雪糕球一样摇摇欲坠的搭在最顶上。


在这座充满鲜花和石头的古镇里,不自觉的也想把鲜花穿上身。有的时候我便好简单的黑和白,但有的时候会对鲜亮的颜色着迷。这次去意大利,随身只有一件鲜黄色的印花长裙,巧的是,我尽然塞了一件鲜橘色的Topshop迷你裙,搭上一条H&M的机车皮带,正好变成一件top!亮点有了,其他地方就保持低调吧,配上黑白条纹的宽松长裤、黑色小挎包不会出错,只不过最近刚入手的Jeffrey Campbell Jwl Sandals实在太美了,舍不得放弃粗后跟的那些细节。

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