A grande Italian wedding
Hey! Me again. It is a bit late update, but not an easy preparing could be applied to a grande wedding, especially a Southern Italian one! I was so excited to share with you about my one night experience of this wedding!
We drove half day from Montefiascone to Puglia for this wedding of my boyfriend’s good friend. I was told before our journey, that an empty stomach should be well-prepared for this party, because it’s Italian wedding! And it turns out to be even a bit struggling throughout the night even we only have a simply breakfast at home and a coffee break before the wedding.
The wedding was held in the biggest (I guess) church in the beautiful city on the sea, Monopoli. As tradition, the bride arrived late for a courtesy and all the guests were chatting all the time under the warm Southern Italian sunset in the big square in front of the Church. The wedding ceremony in the church went slow for everyone was lead by the Bishop to give their best wishes and blessing. Well, the most excitement would be the moment when the bride was walking into the church!
After the church, we drove about 20km to the wedding dinner venue which is located in Bari. The place is absolutely stunning like an old castle. Everywhere was decorated in white, floral and floral aroma could be caught each corner. Amazing! Before the dinner, all the guests enjoyed the causal warm-up with traditional Italian bites, bubbles and spritz! Of course, they arranged the traditional music as well. The dinner followed by, was “horrible”. We were thinking that those 4 tables of starters and seafood table were everything about the dinner. We almost lost our jaw by reading the menu and noticed there were still two pastas and one fish main course and the free-flow dessert bar after it. It was a tough night for my stomach, but thanks for this, I knew Southern Italian’s grande wedding by heart!



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