It was a great season to visit this famous and almost exclusive city in the Southern seaside of France in May. I was there in the early May and I was lucky to jump into the crowds of Cannes Film Festival there.

It was a day trip by feet in this expensive and luxury city, especially during the days that all celebrities were in town. I managed to joined the crowds and tried a sip of chasing the celebrities. Excited but hard to get to the front line for sure. Also, I had my half relaxing day wandering in the old town and on the busiest beach.



3 Top things to do in Canne1

I was based in Nice, and to Cannes, it was just a 30-minute train ride. But, it is a quite crowded short train trip, with the crowds of Cannes Film Festival. I also had a small story to tell, which indeed was not a good one. I lost my lovely and colourful coin-wallet on the train, and I was pretty sure I fell into the victim of that woman with two kids. It didn’t affect my exciting travel mood, and even felt ‘satisfied’ to have my Europe experience complete with a thief story to tell. However, I still feel a bit sad about that pretty souvenir from Barcelona.
Arriving in Cannes and getting out from the train station, the city structure was quite similar to Nice, which is all the way down to the beach. Passing the quiet and beautiful residential blocks, it was so easy to find the famous Palais des Festivals, where Cannes Film Festival was settled and the big screen was broadcasting the Red Carpet lively.


到达戛纳,一出火车站,眼下这一片觉得跟尼斯很相似。脑子也不用动,跟着人流,一路向正前方的蓝色海岸线进发就是了。一路穿过美丽而安静的住宅区,戛纳电影节的主会场(Palais des Festivals)就在眼前。旁边的大屏幕正在实时转播红毯的盛况。

3 Top things to do in Canne1

3 Top things to do in Canne1

Apart from the seaside crowds and the luxury hotels and restaurants spreads in a line, I turned back and got onto the hill where those colourful buildings were. It was the great fun to wander alone in the old town of Canne (Le Suquet). It was build up by all the narrow lanes and slight slopes. And, I can never stop wandering in and out those boutiques for those handcrafts, paintings and French-style clothes.

海岸线上一字排开的奢华酒店和餐厅,不适合背包族,我转头便走入戛纳的老城区。戛纳的老城区依着小山丘(Le Suquet),最出名的是位于其中的修道院。这是典型的欧洲老城区风格,狭小的街道,四通八达,抬头只有一线天。石板街,加上颜色鲜艳的矮小建筑,就好像玩具城一样。最喜欢的就是依着街道的那些小店铺了,卖手工艺品的,卖衣服,卖花,卖油画的,真是逛也逛不完。

3 Top things to do in Canne1

Coming back to La Croisette which is just next to Palais des Festivals. It was attached to the wonderful but packed beach. The beach connects Vieux Port beside the Palais des Festivals and Port Pierre Canto at the other far end. I had my after-lunch hours on the beach where was offering my endless blues.

从小山丘下来会到繁华的海岸线上,漫步在 La Croisette 上可以看到戛纳美丽的蓝色海岸线,从Palais des Festivals 一头的 Vieux Port 一直延伸到另一头的Port Pierre Canto。海滩上,“插”满晒太阳的人群是不用多说的了,不过总也能给我找到个好地方,也来晒一晒,午后的几个小时,就是这样打消的。

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