Going back home for few days, the most missing thing is mama food at home, while I couldn’t make it with my poor Chinese cooking skills, and even not able to find the ingredients in the market here in Hong Kong. The only weekend there, I was fully booked out with my old friends, and to escape the almost 40 celsius weather in this magic city, we picked up the most comfortable places for afternoon, for night, and for late night drinks.

Where to escape the summer heat with a full belly in Shanghai

Where to escape the summer heat with a full belly in Shanghai

“Girls’ talk will never stop with sweets”

Location: Peninsular Shanghai, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu, Shanghai

The classic British afternoon tea in the Lobby of Peninsular Shanghai, was a great afternoon-escape from the heat. Classic and luxury design with a full green-painted wall and plenty of lights was the overall impression. Afternoon tea set for one or two, with or without a glass of Champagne was totally flexible. And we are happy to find they offer a summer special tea set which also was available for one. The summer one has more seafood-based savouries and fruit-inspired pastries. I like their colourful macaroon the most! Good job indeed!

Where to escape the summer heat with a full belly in Shanghai

Where to escape the summer heat with a full belly in Shanghai

“Upgrade the hot level to the top”

Location: Di Shui Dong, 2/F, 56 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu, Shanghai

To have dinner first or drinks first, I guess it’s a kind of questions for most of expats or visitors for Asian city, especially your plan happens in China. Even in the first-line city like Shanghai, the dinner time won’t be too late like Italian’s. Well, if you would like some drinks with friends, I suggest to have your dinner first, and not later than 9. The perfect time we went to this lovely restaurant was 7. It’s a boutique restaurant with nice staff. It was almost all occupied by foreigners, quite international-friendly place. It’s Hunan Cuisine (also called “Xiang” Cuisine) which is famous of spicy and rich in flavour (not numb hot like Sichuan Cuisine). I love the signature Spicy Hot Fish Head cooked in a traditional way, and my friend ordered a small potion of Chinese noodle to put into the soup afterwards. It was just wonderful! Oops, and their fresh-made strawberry juice, was just too amazing to kill the spiciness!

Where to escape the summer heat with a full belly in Shanghai

“A modern chic night with Italian fashion”

Location: Mercato, 6/F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu, Shanghai

Celebrity chef Jean Georges’s new spot in Shanghai, Mercato, and his first try of Italian twist. I was too much into traditional Italian food, so not able to appreciate the modern twist of their creative dishes. However, the place was pretty nice for a night-out and talks-with-drinks, especially the magical night views with modern city’s lights outside the small window frames of this old building along the historical Bond. I started with Aperol Spritz, and never switched out through the whole night.

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