Hi, I had a short stay in Shanghai to visit my family there. It was great to go back home after a while. Every time I have the deep feeling of being a new person to my hometown. It just changes too fast that it’s keeping on showing me something new and stunning!

I had my first style shooting¬†in the Bond area with my friend & volunteer photographer, Carrie. It was just out of our afternoon tea in Peninsular, well, thanks to her sensitive spot of good angles, I had some good photos with an acceptable belly ūüėÄ

The day I arrived in Shanghai was just the first day of the serious summer there. Since that, it was hotter day by day, and even reached 39 celsius as reported, however, we all thought it could be over 40 in the city centre among the busy traffic. 

I was wearing floral top and water-washed denim skirt out that afternoon. Causal and summer-like wasn’t my most purpose, but you probably guessed, I’m so afraid of heat, and just picked up¬†the coolest style for this weather!








What I was wearing are: Sportsgirl floral top, Zara denim miniskirt, Forever21 flat, Topshop multiple ring set, Forever21 Necklace and my favourite DKNY watch! Just noticed that some items are just over seasoned, so I searched and create the same STYLE-MAKEUP board with the inspiration of floral and denim!

Feeling hot, the floral and denim moment in Shanghai

Match to my style-makeup: Floral and denim moment in Shanghai street

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