It was a shock when I heart the horrible news in Nice days before. Nice, in my memory, it is a ’boutique’ place where peace resists with lovely and relaxing people walking along the seaside and enjoying at the tables in the town. I stayed in Nice for couple of days when shortly staying in Southern France after Avignon. Compared to Canne, Nice gave me a more friendly and local feeling with less commercials and crowds. This city impressed me by its beautiful sunset and the unexpected lively night event in only one night time!


Nice, from sunset to night_sunset

Each place has its beautiful sunset, here Nice is!

I was paired up with my new Chinese friends in Nice and hanged out at the sunset. The burning sky was stunning with that slices of mild orange sunlights. We walked all the way from train station towards beach side, where all the small streets lie among the quiet buildings. This was the most beautiful moment I have caught, when the orange lights reflected on the bell tower.



Nice, from sunset to night_beautiful night along the beach avenue

Nice, from sunset to night_beautiful night along the beach avenue

Golden coast doesn’t have a sleeping plan

We were creating our way of chilling that night by grabbing a small bottle of wine to the seaside. It was around 11pm already while this famous coast didn’t fall asleep. The left bank was decorated by plenty of colourful lights around the hill, and the right bank where the beautiful coast line is settled, gave an amazing ‘light show’. In the early May, the weather was perfect for night picnic here.



Nice, from sunset to night_music show

Nice, from sunset to night_music show

Burn you blood with music show

It was a big surprise Nice offered us! Free entrance and front line view, are you that lucky? The music festival was taking place in Nice in that summer, while we caught this wonderful band performance. It was definitely the most passionate and lively moment of that night, where we felt the young blood burning with the rock music!



Nice, from sunset to night_a night walk in the streets

Nice, from sunset to night_a night walk in the streets

Nice, from sunset to night_a night walk in the streets

Wandering in night, a good way to feel the beauty of this city

Cooling down from the music show, we walked out the intensive old city. The lighted statues in the plaza were pretty eye-catching while I was thinking about those ‘flying’ living statues in the streets.

The beauty of this city was totally different from the busy daytime. I found it amazing in the late night, for this peace and quiet.





Nice, good night and wish all the best!

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