Oops, I found some of my sunsets collection was taken in early summer in Bali and Phi Phi Island. The weather there is sometimes let you hate it so much. Here you are the hot beach style-makeups for a perfect sunset time, keep chilled!

how to dress for different sunsets (1)

A Bohemian-beach look for sunsets in Bali and Thailand

It’s just to be chilled and be sexy!

  • Cover-up: A lighter cover to cool your sharp bikini color down, or a soft-feeling dress with the similar patterns will match perfectly to your bikini. Creamy cover like Embroidered Fringe Kimono or beach mini-dress Crochet Trim Sun Dress from Topshop are nice.
  • Sunglasses: Staying by the beach and sea, of course, it’s all about blue! I like the chilled-blue decorated by a line of elegant golden like Ray-ban Caravan Sunglasses.
  • Bikini: Sharp color with outstanding patterns will never grow bored on your body and it matches well to the tanned skin. I found KIINI Crochet-Trimmed Bikini to be the key point of this style-makeup with hints of beach, tropical life and Bohemian style.
  • Scandal: Ok, I’m really planning to just stay on the beach (actually to lie down all the time)! Good chance to get a pair of shoes to upgrade your whole style like Steven Madden ‘Werkit’ Gladiator Scandal.
  • Jewellery: A long necklace like Dreamcatcher Pendant Necklace is just to the point with a contrast color and slightly bigger design to out-stand itself in front of your chest without getting into the ‘yellow jungle’ of your bikini, meanwhile to decorate a little on your belly. Or go for Dreamcatcher Feather Drop Earrings to add something fluffy and colour.
  • Beach towel: Imagining a relaxing nap in the middle of the sea while on the BRIKA over-size beach towel 😀


sunset collection bali seminyak beach

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