I haven’t got too many travels and too much experience so far for I’m a late-starter. However, it’s interesting that I’ve got my richest train experience through my ‘grande’ Europe trip in 2014 and flight experience in these years. Probably I was born to be a trouble-maker in the trips and especially I have a passport not allowing me to go anywhere without application in advance.

There are couple of stories about those transportation stuff, and I was so pissed off or even desperate sometimes. Well, I selected top 3 to share with you.

3 trips i literally run to catch

Train, Paris to Barcelona

It was in my ‘grande’ Europe backpack trip back to 2014. In the almost middle of my trip, I was on my way from Paris to Barcelona. You might feel weird why I didn’t choose flight for such a distance. Well, it might sound stupid anyways, I bought my one-month Europe train pass (Eurail)in Hong Kong and activate it on my 3rd train trip in Netherland. The cheapest and experience-richest way of traveling to me, is train while considering to the pretty good condition of train trip in Europe.

Jump onto the international train with my backpacks (one 20′ luggage & middle-size backpack), I felt quiet safe and relax because I knew the train would send me all the way to my destination on time and without problem. It turned out a big illusion! While we were passing the wonderful inner-sea-land of Southern France and Spain (between Perpignan and Figueres), I was indulged in the famous train-view of pink sunset. The train had a long break at the last stop in France territory, while I didn’t make any movement when almost all the people are moving out. The light was turned off for a second together with AC, and then lighted again when I felt something was wrong. The lady working on the train walking to me and asked my destination and ticket, while after she knew mine is Barcelona, she urged me to run immediately to catch up the front cabins. It was just 5 seconds confusing of me, while I grabbed my everything on the table and run with luggages with the lady (thankfully, she’s informed there was a last passenger on the way)!

It was fun that even I had only one ticket with the same seat number and cabin number, it doesn’t mean at the frontier stop, there won’t be any change. Especially when you are traveling between non-English native countries while you only know English and Chinese, “stay late” and “key attention” is really necessary.

3 trips i literally run to catch

Flight, New York to Orlando

It was not a technical problem indeed! But just the new experience of the high security standards in the States airport. We flew over 12 hours from Hong Kong to New York while the 2nd leg was in 2.5 hour from New York to Orlando. Everything was smooth even there are some queues when we were passing fight-transfer counters. I knew we gonna go all the way out (leaving security & custom area) and redo checkin process as the very straight policy in the States airport. However, I was shocked and confused when I saw the long queue from a not-seeable checkin point on 2nd floor to the other end of the airport on 1st floor. We traveled through the whole airport to find the tail!

It was really helpless when we got no answer from the airport staff… while it was also miracle that we was almost in front of the security door 5 minutes before take-off time (not boarding time!). Thankful, we’ve got a special green-light to jump the queue a bit, and once we passed the security, it was like Fast & Furious that my boyfriend was so lovely to run with his shoes in hands. Yes, at the end, we still made it!

Flight, Bangkok to Krabi

Sometimes, I am really a trouble-maker regarding the visa! It was visa-on-arrival for me to enter into Thailand. We’ve got a short trip in Krabi and Phi Phi Island, and the first challenge is to arrive Krabi smoothly through a transfer-flight from Bangkok.

Thailand is one of the most and popular tourism country in Asia without doubt, so I was not surprised to see a situation of train station during Chinese New Year in the flight-transfer counter for Visa application. I was so lucky to get the special help and guide by the airport staff who’s taking care of us since we’ve landed. I have got a special (“VIP”) right to apply my Visa while it was totally not communicable with the officers. I was a bit pissed off when I misunderstood around 40 people were before me to process the application. Luckily, 10-minute waiting without a proper notice, I still got my pass and there was another crazy running exercise cross the huge airport!

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