Hi, this is my first post in this new category and in my new blog here! It’s nothing about fashion, but just something wearable and affordable for each girl (so far no topic for the boys :D). What I’m writing in this category, is to provide small inspiration to you who’s loving travel like me. You might find less dressing photos of me here, while the reason is every travellers can understand! We are not mean to dress up and use the beautiful scenery for the background of fancy photos… most of the time, we forget to take photos either for the breath-taking view or the wonderful people or dresses… So! Here you are, a personal style-makeup matching to each travel post I have to show what I like and would like to like 🙂

summer in daytona

It was unpractical to have jewellery on you when you are out to the beach with your active friends! Imagine you gonna totally enjoy the sweating, sands and salty sea water there when you are working out hard while excited like a ‘dog’ on the beach! What I am thinking to put inside of this style-makeup is easy-wear, non-scratch, non-sticky and comfortable.

(from left-up)

  1. Foil tattoo: It was wonderful to have this Flash tattoo DAKOTA to do DIY on your shoulder, neck, hand, arm, waist and even face (if you are that wild), and normally it lasts for 4 days on me when I apply suncream many times a day and stay sweat on the beach or wet in the sea for few hours.
  2. Nail polish: Black, white and golden is the most classic, easy and safe colors I would like to have on for any season. For the shiny summer, NARS Milos would be perfect to shine the fingers while without getting too much color risk, plus I do like their brush which is a bit wide and short, easy to cover my nail in one action.
  3. Sunglasses: I prefer a sportive glass-wear if I go out for activities rather than just chilling. RETROSUPERFUTURE “Classic M3” looks safe enough when I need to jump, run and fall down (if necessary) meanwhile their color graduations put you definitely on a fashionable team.
  4. Hat: While I will not wear it when I start beach volleyball, but it won’t be a bad idea to have a big hat when you take a little break with some chilled drinks! Topshop Felt Floppy Hat is pretty ideal for the purpose, really protective and chic, while makes you a little change from activity beach baby to elegant beach lady.
  5. Bikini: Classic black and white with the simplest design is my favourite for a causal and active beach day. No restriction and let me feel free as its maximum. COS striped bikini top and bottom with a light fabric is cut in a simple shape to show your sexy back, waist and legs.
  6. Flipper: Without doubt, I would choose HAVAIANAS High Fashion to match with the nails and the foil tattoos. Just to be comfortable and simple.
  7. Suncream: It was my first time to be introduce this BIO brand from Italy, HUR Laboratoriohur. The suncream was not greasy and sticky at all with the lightest and milky liquid. I love the smell which is super natural and summer-like with passionfruit and other summer-fruit ‘flavour’.


what you can do on daytona beach

Match to my trip: Hot! Hot! Hot! What you can do in Daytona Beach

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