One of the best and the easiest category of travel-wear is sportswear, and I’m excited to see sportswear is becoming a trend, including the back-trend of sport shoes and bomber jackets! I picked up some from the major sports brands for who is planning a similar crazy adventure like me.

stay chic & confortable when you are flying

To talk about sportswear, I prefer cool all black, chic printings and sharp color, while before all those preference, the first criteria is comfortable and functional. That’s why I tend to select sports brands and consider what they can promise me.

(From left up)

  • Bomber jacket: Warm, light without adding bulk plus fashionable element nowadays are the key reasons I’m considering it. BOMBER JACKET BLACK from Adidas is the perfect wind-protection for a skydiving or a 50-meter bungy jump and also the tight-design around the waist can promise a non-embrassing moment of clothes-fly-up 😀
  • Sports bra: The sky/sea printed bra and sexy striped back-design are the highlight of your upper-body under the jacket and also the perfect match to your blue sports shoes. Lululemon Energy Bra (H2O) is water-friendly medium-sport bra, which gives a chance for me to touch the pond and get half-wet while doing a bungy jump. Coming back to the traditional design, Adidas Trefoil Bra Top has a higher round neck-design with a tight-fit design but probably lower support. It basically covers half upper-body, so if it’s not too cold, a solo show on you would be fine with that.
  • Legging: I love Underarmour’s Alpha Printed Legging. It’s ultra-tight like your second-skin while I feel cooler when wearing it. It’s light and keeps you dry. Imagining you are tighten by jumping suits or parachute when doing those sky activities, I don’t really expect to wear shorts to keep my inner-legs exposed.
  • Sports shoes: I like my Nike Free Rn FLYKNIT which is super light and soft! It supports the dynamic movements which I feel comfortable in the function trainings. Another recommending pair is Nike Juvenate Floral Print Trainers.
  • Water bottle: Going around and screaming hard? Afterwards, we do need a bottle of water to energy up and cool down. H2Om Waterbottle from Lulumelon has the matched color with all wearings and also all the sky activities!


crazy things you should do in your life

Match to my trip: Yes! I need crazy adventure!

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