We were not intentionally visiting zoos or discovering local animals during my trips, while they turned out to be always part of my trips. I don’t know whether you have the same feeling as me, but I have to admit they are killing my camera every time. See how many cutest friends I have made with in my past trips…

animal friends meet in the trips


I met sleepy them in a warm noon time in a wild park in Sydney. They looked fluffy, peaceful and fragile and we even doubted by the soft-look 3-toe feet, how can they hold themselves on the tree branch event with little babe on the back, or even they were sleeping!

The wild park was very small and boutique style, while all the local animals lived in a free zone which was actually quite free-style compared to large standard zoo with cages and other horrible things. During warm noon time, most of the residents there were in their noon break including the cutest koala, while we still got a second to pat them.

Location: Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney, Australia

animal friends meet in the trips

(Doctor) Fish

This is probably one of my craziest and intimates moment with animal friend! We were struggling under the hot and humid night on Phi Phi Island, while passing by this Doctor Fish shop and we were actually looking for AC at the beginning. Well, I did hear about this name and interesting ‘foot massage’ before which is quite famous and popular in Southeast Asia. All in total was 15 minutes while we spend almost the same amount of time to wash our feet and legs in 3 times and carefully screened the feet for any potential cuts which I had few first-aid bands. It was like in the hell in my first 30 seconds. We were literally screaming and laughing so loud to attract more tourists stopped at the door! The fish army went mad around my toes and legs, while few of them even tried to jump out of the water and to reach upper part of my legs, while most of them tried hard to squeeze between the toes. The feeling of being sucked was like being bitten and I never imagine I could be this sensitive…

Location: Doctor Fish, Tonsai Main Street, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

animal friends meet in the trips

Neighbour Cat

There are so many half-domestic-half-wild cats in this traditional fisherman village with a nickname of “Hong Kong’s Venice”. We were on the way to the heritage hotel (old police dom) while by chance, we noticed the little dead-lane actually was one of the most famous tourism spot of this small village – Cats. Those cats were given fully freedom by the locals living in the village, while they almost didn’t worry their lives for the people loved them so much to offer free meals and shelters all the time (no counting those mercies from hundreds of tourists). While, be careful, they are cute and look lazy but they are not as human-friendly as your home-cat.

Location: Tai O, Hong Kong

animal friends meet in the trips

Naughty Parrot

It was quite annoying before we noticed this little friend wandering around the hotel. We were living on the ground floor with a open terrace directly linked to the backyard and private beach. This little red friend showed up in the early morning with his master in the open Tikki Bar, and started his patrol near sunset by his feet instead of wings. He was generally quiet while we appreciated his courage a lot! He was never bored to bother each hotel guest relaxing in the beach by walking towards them or blocking their way to the bar or to their rooms.

Location: Hampton Inn Key Largo, Key Largo, Florida, U.S.

animal friends meet in the trips


The most lovely and friendly animal friend I have met in Bali where we were exploring the Kopi Luwak (typical Luwak coffee in Indonesia style “poo coffee”) in a hidden garden. We got the chance to play with little ones by putting the young Luwak on our shoulder. The pawls were strong indeed, while the little one was so soft and fluffy and so curious to start wandering from our shoulders to the arms. As introduced, Luwak has a natural fresh herb smell when they are healthy and I guess the fame of their ‘natural’ made coffee beans is name-out enough in the world! I didn’t have special feeling towards Kopi Luwak, while I did love this friendly animal.

Location: Bali

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